Pentagon to Leave Turkey’s Incirlik for Syrian Airbases?

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April 9, 2017
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April 9, 2017
Pentagon to Leave Turkey’s Incirlik for Syrian Airbases?
by Stephen Lendman
DEBKAfile (DF) is linked to Israeli military intelligence. Its reports vary in accuracy.
It claims US engineering teams are working furiously “to build a big new air base in northern Syria after completing the expansion of another four.”
They all border Iraq. Turkey’s Erdogan wants northern Syria and Iraq annexed. US forces in these areas came to stay, permanent occupation planned.
DF claims the Trump administration intends shifting US Incirlik, Turkey-based forces to “five new and expanded air bases  in Syria” – Tabqa the key one near Raqqa.
The others are Rmelan region’s Hajar airport, two small Qamishli air fields converted to military use, and another in Kurdish territory near Syria’s border with Turkey – if DF’s information is accurate.
When completed, US airbases in Syria will let the Pentagon “deploy twice as many warplanes and helicopters in Syria as” Russia, DF claims.
Tabka, the hub facility, is “designed to accommodate…2,500 US military personnel” currently at Incirlik – in response to Erdogan playing the US and Russia cards simultaneously.
The bases have nothing to do with combating terrorism, as DF claims, everything to do with balkanizing Syria, likely ahead of attempting to destroy the country as it now exists.
Separately, Haaretz said “Netanyahu seeks buffer zones against Iran and Hezbollah on Syria’s borders with Israel and Jordan” – as part of any future deal to end ongoing war.
On the phony pretext of preventing Iran and Hezbollah from establishing a permanent presence in Syria and preventing cross-border attacks, he wants an Israeli one instead – on stolen Syrian land, secured by international forces, not the IDF.
During their meeting last month, Netanyahu raised the issue with Putin. Ahead of his visit, his office said “(t)he prime minister will express Israel’s strong opposition to the presence of Iranian forces, and those of its proxies, on our northern border and in the Mediterranean Sea in the context of the talks on a settlement of any kind.”
Israel’s intelligence ministry head Chagai Tzuriel lied, calling an Iranian and Hezbollah presence in Syria “a permanent source of instability in the entire region.”
America and Israel hold that dubious distinction, along with Saudi Arabia and other rogue Gulf states.
Israel wants Assad ousted to isolate Iran, furthering its regional hegemonic ambitions. Facing no threat from any other country, it uses the ruse to advance its ambitions.
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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