Media Scoundrels Celebrate Monied Interests Triumphing in France

Media Scoundrels Celebrate Monied Interests Triumphing in France
by Stephen Lendman
On Sunday, privilege triumphed over populism in France, globalism over nationalism, continuity over hoped for change, dirty business as usual over governance serving everyone equitably.
Media scoundrels are joyous. Things went their way. They’re consistently on the wrong side of virtually everything mattering most to most people.
The NYT hailed Marcon’s triumph, calling him a “political neophyte committed to the European Union, economic reform and traditional liberalism, as president of France offered powerful relief to everyone who had feared that France could become the next country to succumb to the wave of populism, nationalism and anti-globalism sweeping through Western democracies.”
Fact: He’s no “political neophyte,” far from it. He’s a former Rothschild investment banker. His En March! party represents dirty business as usual. He was Francois Hollande’s economy minister, responsible for neoliberal harshness. He held other government positions. He’s same old, same old with a new face.
The Times: “(H)is was a victory of hope and optimism over fear and reaction; of a future in Europe rather than in resentful isolation.”
Fact: French oligarchs and aristocrats got their man, a puppet leader serving their interests. Ordinary French people will suffer from his policies so privileged ones can get richer and more powerful.
The Times: “…French voters…chose a youthful and optimistic president who believes that France must remain open, progressive, tolerant and European.”
Fact: “French voters” got a new leader serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively, not them equitably.
The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post claimed French voters chose Macron over “far-right forces who seek to overthrow Europe.”
Fact: Le Pen represents nationalism over globalism, French sovereignty over rule by Brussels, Berlin and Washington,  ending the nation’s involvement in US-dominated NATO’s killing machine, worker rights over subjugation, and improved relations with Russia.
WaPo: “Macron hopes to soften…fiscal austerity as he imposes sweeping pro-business reforms in his own country.”
Fact: He was chosen to continue dirty business as usual, not responsibly change it.
The Wall Street Journal called his triumph “Europe’s French Reprieve,” claiming it’s “as much a rejection of the far-right National Front as an endorsement of his platform.”
Fact: France’s election was like America’s last year, both candidates widely reviled. Macron winning represents the triumph of pure evil, not responsible change.
Continuity is assured on his watch. How long will it take for French people to realize they were had once again?
Outgoing President Francois Hollande leaves office in days with the lowest public approval in French history. 
Macron may end up the same way for continuing his deplorable agenda instead of responsibly changing it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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