US Plan for Dealing with Russia Leaves Bilateral Relations Unchanged

US Plan for Dealing with Russia Leaves Bilateral Relations Unchanged
by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Given the source of the reported plan, Buzzfeed News, a notorious fake news site, its reliability is questionable.

It claims the Trump administration has a new plan for dealing with Russia – quoting an unnamed senior State Department official, saying “(r)ight now, US-Russia relations are in the gutter.” No argument there.

The source failed to explain the root of the problem lies in Washington, not Moscow. Hostile US relations toward Russia are longstanding.

Nothing in prospect suggests improvement. According to Buzzfeed, unnamed State Department officials said Tillerson has a new three-point plan for constructively dealing with Russia on a limited set of issues.

US dealings with other nations most often are promises made to be broken. Trust and honor aren’t its attributes.

Buzzfeed claims it has “a classified document that hasn’t previously been revealed,” saying “US allies (are) puzzled about Trump’s commitment to deterring Russia and bolstering NATO allies…”

The plan’s first pillar informs Moscow that “aggressive actions” against America are “counterproductive for both sides.”

No “aggressive actions” exist, no “bold actions against American interests,” no supplying Taliban fighters with arms, no “harassing of US diplomats in Moscow.”

If it exists, Tillerson’s plan ignores endless hostile US actions against Russia, making improved relations unattainable.

Pillar two involves “engag(ing) (the Kremlin) on issues…of strategic” importance to Washington. Examples include US war on Syria, falsely call a civil conflict, North Korea, cybersecurity and cyberespionage.

Tillerson wants Russia allied with US interests instead of proposing mutual cooperation. Saying he seeks better coordination between both countries in combating ISIS ignores Washington’s support for this scourge, along with likeminded terrorist groups.

Tillerson’s third pillar stresses what’s called “strategic stability” with Russia, an ambiguous term left largely undefined.

On June 15, Senate members near-unanimously approved new sanctions on Russia and Iran – illegal hostile acts against both countries, further complicating relations with them.

If he has one, Tillerson’s three-point plan is unworkable at best, subterfuge and deception at worst.

Longstanding US hostility toward Russia is uncompromising – wanting the country transformed into another US vassal state, risking nuclear war if Washington pursues this agenda aggressively.

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