Duplicitous Saudi Aid to Fight Cholera in Yemen

Duplicitous Saudi Aid to Fight Cholera in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Since the outbreak was first identified on April 27, numbers affected rose exponentially.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), suspected cases now exceed 200,000. Numbers could surpass 300,000 during summer months, the organization said.

Over 1,300 deaths were reported, likely many more than officially known. The epidemic affects nearly all parts of the war-torn country.

On June 24, WHO executive director Anthony Lake and director-general Margaret Chan jointly said the cholera epidemic in Yemen is the world’s worst – around 5,000 new cases daily.

“This deadly cholera outbreak is the direct consequence of two years of heavy conflict,” they explained.

“Collapsing health, water and sanitation systems have cut off 14.5 million people from regular access to clean water and sanitation, increasing the ability of the disease to spread.”

“Rising rates of malnutrition have weakened children’s health and made them more vulnerable to disease.”

As long Saudi terror-bombing continues, complicit with Washington, millions of Yemenis remain threatened by war, severe malnutrition, and starvation, along with cholera and other devastating diseases.

The country’s shattered healthcare system can’t cope, hospitals and other medical facilities damaged or destroyed by Saudi terror-bombing.

Saudi defense minister/newly appointed crown prince Mohammed bin Salman launched war on Yemen, orchestrated by Washington, creating the world’s severest humanitarian disaster.

Riyadh reportedly authorized $66.7 million in aid to combat cholera – a duplicitous offer.

It’s unlikely to be fulfilled. Far worse is ignoring what’s most needed, the only way to fight cholera, other diseases and overall appalling humanitarian crisis conditions throughout the country.

As long as US/Saudi terror war continues, no amount of humanitarian aid can relieve the suffering of millions of Yemenis – trapped by land, sea and air blockade, terror-bombed daily by Saudi warplanes, massacring civilians for over two years.

The world community and complicit media scoundrels remain largely silent while slow-motion genocide stalks Yemen.

Millions of its people are vulnerable, especially children, the elderly and infirm. Chances for conflict resolution remain nil as long as Washington and Riyadh want war.

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