Israel Threatens Iran and Hezbollah

Israel Threatens Iran and Hezbollah

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel is no democracy, far from it. It’s a ruthless apartheid aggressor state with nukes, threatening world peace and stability.

It’s terrorized Palestinians throughout its existence, attacking neighboring states at its discretion – naked aggression by any standard.

It’s ruthlessly suffocating two million Gazans, held hostage for the past decade under militarized blockade. It continues stealing Palestinian land, dispossessing its lawful owners and residents, taking it for exclusive Jewish development unaccountably.

Sovereign Iran is its main regional rival, Lebanon’s Hezbollah a force to be reckoned with, embarrassing the “mighty” IDF during its 2006 cross-border aggression.

Israel wants Iranian sovereign independence and Hezbollah’s military capability eliminated in its quest for unchallenged regional dominance – along with America’s presence.

Reportedly according to an EU diplomatic source, messages sent to Iran via European countries warned the Islamic Republic against aiding Hezbollah militarily – its capability used solely for defense and in support of Syria against US-supported terrorists.

Iran, Hezbollah and Syria support the sovereign rights of all nations. America, Israel and their rogue allies want independent ones subjugated as vassal states, their resources stolen, their people exploited.

Throughout its existence, Washington supplied Israel with billions of dollars in annual financial aid, advanced weapons, the latest technology and other material support – used largely for warmaking and oppressing Palestinians, not self-defense.

Iran is legally entitled to support its allies politically, economically and militarily.

Last week in a letter to the Security Council, Israel accused Hezbollah of “using an environmental organization as a cover for activities along (its) border…”

It unjustifiably claimed the group violated Security Council Resolution 1701 ceasefire terms, effective August 14, 2006, an agreement Israel flagrantly breached like virtually all others it agrees to.

Hezbollah commits no cross-border violations. It’s military-related activities on its own territory are solely for legitimate self-defense because of the immense threat Israel poses.

The Security Council rejected Israel’s claim, spokeswoman Eri Kaneko saying the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) “has not observed any unauthorized armed persons at the locations or found any basis to report a violation of resolution 1701.”

In Friday comments, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Israel “should know that if it launches an attack on Syria or Lebanon, it’s unknown whether the fighting will stay just between Lebanon and Israel, or Syria and Israel.”

“I’m not saying countries would intervene directly, but it would open the door for hundreds of thousands of fighters from all around the Arab and Islamic world to participate in this fight – from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,” and elsewhere, he added.

His Jerusalem (Quds) Day remarks showed solidarity with Palestine’s liberating struggle.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said Israeli aggression against Syrian tanks in response to alleged errant projectiles (harmlessly) landing in occupied Golan occurred “at the same time as Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists…attack(ed) the (Quenitra) area.”

According to a Syrian military source, government and allied forces repelled the attack, “inflicting heavy losses” on terrorist fighters.

Israel’s aggression was conducted to aid them. Its “warplanes fired rockets” at a residential location, “claiming a number of lives and causing material damage.”

Israel is a rogue terror state, Saturday’s incident the latest example of its lawlessness.

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