Planned False Flag CW Attack by Terrorists in Syria?

Planned False Flag CW Attack by Terrorists in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Syria’s Foreign Ministry, US-supported terrorists plan another false flag CW attack, saying:

They intend “blow(ing) up (munitions) filled with poisonous materials in the near future in one of Daraa province areas” – a provocation giving Washington unjustifiable justification to strike Syrian forces again.

False flags are a longstanding American tradition, dating from the 19th century, acts of mass deception, incidents wrongfully blamed on innocent parties, used as pretexts for US aggression.

According to Syria’s Foreign Ministry, Washington intends using a staged CW attack, wrongfully blamed on government forces, “to justify a new act of aggression against Syria under false pretenses, similar to the US aggression on Shayrat airport.”

“(T)hreats” follow numerous cities, towns and villages liberated by Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower – smashing ISIS and other US-supported terrorist groups.

“Syria reiterates that it has irretrievably removed the chemical program, as confirmed by the relevant international organizations, and that it doesn’t possess any chemical weapons, and that it strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons in any place and for any reason and under any pretext,” its Foreign Ministry stressed.

It “has not resorted to the use of any toxic chemicals since the beginning of the crisis at all, and it stresses that it fully cooperated with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) during the period following its accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

Damascus “condemns and rejects” earlier and threatened US aggression against its military and defenseless civilians – supporting anti-government terrorists, flagrantly violating international law, wanting Syria destroyed, not liberated.

On Thursday, the State Department falsely accused Damascus of “continued use of chemical weapons and its failure to destroy its chemical weapons program in its entirety.”

It lied, claiming “Syria continues to fail to comply with its legal obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and UN Security Council Resolution 2118.”

Without any credible on-site inspections, the OPCW lied, claiming toxic sarin was used in Kahn Sheikhoun on April 4.

The incident was a false flag, wrongfully blamed on Damascus. No evidence suggests residents were victims of sarin or any other CW.

None sought medical treatment. No antidotes or decontaminants were requested, no help of any kind.

No legitimate investigation was conducted. The OPCW stonewalled for many weeks. The only so-called evidence came from al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets videos – easily faked.

Images of Kahn Sheikhoun showed neither their elements or anyone else wearing protective clothing – vital if toxic agents were present.

A so-called OPCW fact-finding mission pretended to investigate the alleged Kahn Sheikhoun incident.

Claiming residents were “exposed to sarin” was a bald-faced lie – supported by no credible evidence. None exists. No April 4 CW attack occurred – none using sarin or any other toxin.

On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said falsely accusing Assad of planning “another” CW attack “very likely” signals further US aggression.

“The (phony) story will be the same.” A staged incident will happen in territory controlled by US-backed terrorists, wrongfully blamed on Assad’s government.

Pentagon aggression will follow, escalating conflict more than already.

Washington wants endless war, not resolution, undermining Russia good faith efforts to restore peace and stability to Syria.

A Final Comment

Will a false flag CW terrorist attack in Syria change US plans for a likely one-on-one meeting between Trump and Putin on the sidelines of next week’s G20 summit in Hamburg?

Will it change what’s discussed if a meeting occurs? Will further US aggression in Syria precede a meeting? How will Putin respond if it happens?

Will Astana and Geneva peace talks be more undermined than already? Will Washington escalate conflict, sabotaging hope for resolving it diplomatically?

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