Irreconcilable Differences Between US and Russia

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June 27, 2017
Trump Threatens Escalated Aggression on Syria
June 27, 2017

Irreconcilable Differences Between US and Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite good faith Russian efforts, squaring the circle with Washington remains an unachievable goal.

The geopolitical agendas of both countries are world’s apart. Russia pursues world peace, stability, mutual cooperation among all nations, and multi-world polarity.

America seeks unchallenged global dominance, wars of aggression and color revolutions its main strategies.

Talks between both countries accomplish nothing. Russia’s word is its bond. America breaches all agreements it makes.

Yet Moscow continues diplomatic outreach, knowing the futility of its efforts. On Monday, Sergey Lavrov and Rex Tillerson spoke by phone.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said both “diplomats discussed problems related to the settlement of the Syrian crisis, including the necessity to strengthen the ceasefire, in particular via the Astana process, to step up efforts in the fight against terrorist groups and preventing attempts to use chemical poisonous agents.”

“Lavrov called on Washington to take measures to prevent provocations against Syrian government troops fighting against terrorists.”

Both diplomats agreed to continue contacts, “on issues of the bilateral agenda.”

Washington is a serial aggressor. Russia’s best efforts won’t change things. America wants war, not peace, in Syria. It won’t agree to Moscow’s call for a nationwide ceasefire whatever it says rhetorically.

America pretends to be combating the scourge of ISIS it supports. During a Moscow press conference, Lavrov blasted US-led coalition forces for failing to combat al-Nusra, saying:

“(N)ew evidence has emerged in the past few days,” revealing America and its coalition allies continue “tak(ing) the heat off” the al-Qaeda in Syria offshoot.

He called failure to target these fighters “an extremely dangerous game” – showing America’s war on terrorism is a colossal hoax. Its actions are polar opposite its promises and rhetoric.

Since April, US forces committed multiple acts of aggression against Syria’s military, evidence of likely escalated conflict to come, putting peace further out of reach.

Moscow demanded an explanation of why a US warplane downed a Syrian Su-22 aircraft. It’s yet to receive one.

In response to White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s baseless claim about Syrian forces planning a CW attack, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded sharply, saying:

“We heard about this statement. We don’t know what it’s based on. And, of course, we strongly disagree with the wording ‘another attack,’ because, as you know, despite all the demands of the Russian side, there was no independent international investigation of the previous tragedy with the use of chemical weapons.”

“We do not believe it is possible to rest the responsibility on the Syrian armed forces.”

“You know that cases of the use of toxic chemical agents by (ISIS and other terrorists) have been established on multiple occasions. There certainly is the potential danger of such provocations recurring” – falsely blaming them on Syria.

Hoped for improved Russia/US bilateral relations and change in Washington’s aggressive geopolitical agenda were dashed by Trump’s rage for war.

A same day article said he resembles Hillary with a gender difference – a war criminal guilty of high crimes against peace.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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