Media Hyped Russiagate Continues

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June 27, 2017
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June 28, 2017

Media Hyped Russiagate Continues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite polls showing most Americans want Congress focusing on issues affecting them instead of time and effort spent bashing Russia, media scoundrels haven’t gotten the message.

A Tuesday NYT editorial is the latest deplorable example, continuing to falsely claim Vladimir Putin “direct(ed) an extensive cyberattack on the (US) 2016 election – even though no evidence suggests it.

If any exists, it would have come out long ago. All US intelligence community claims are baseless accusations, nothing supporting them, media scoundrels like The Times accepting Big Lies as gospel.

The Times: “…Trump (is) the intended beneficiary of Moscow’s hacking…”

False! No hacking occurred, no political benefit to anyone.

The Times: With “unfettered access to intelligence on hacking, (Trump) had…months to authorize covert action, propose tougher economic sanctions, order a more muscular diplomatic response and protect election systems.”

“He has done nothing that meets the eye. Instead, the White House is lobbying against legislation passed by the Senate this month imposing stricter sanctions on Moscow, in part because the bill contains a provision making it harder for Mr. Trump to lift them.”

“And the White House is considering returning to Moscow two compounds in the United States used by Russian spies that were seized by the Obama administration in late December.”

Fact: So-called US intelligence was fabricated, a longstanding CIA et al trick.

Fact: All unilaterally imposed US sanctions on other countries are flagrantly illegal.

Fact: Neither Russia or any other country meddled in America’s electoral process last year or earlier.

Fact: So-called US diplomacy by all administrations relies largely on sticks, not carrots, forcing other nations to observe its rules, ignoring their sovereign rights.

Fact: Moscow’s New York and Maryland compounds ordered closed by the Obama administration were used by Russian children during the winter holiday period.

At the time, Sergey Lavrov blasted Obama for calling them spy nests, explaining “(w)e are forbidden to use the property that is the state property of the Russian Federation.”

“This is one dacha for the recreation of our staff members in Washington and the second dacha for the recreation of our staff members in the Russian mission to the UN.”

The Times: “(T)he intelligence community has established that Moscow aimed to help Mr. Trump win, and that should color perceptions of every move he makes.”

“Russia’s meddling in global democracies is a deepening threat that requires a united response. As commander in chief, Mr. Trump has a sworn responsibility to protect the nation against threats from foreign adversaries. So far the Russians are winning, while he tweets from the sidelines.”

The Times’ primary function is providing press agent services for America’s deep state.

Virtually everything it reports on major issues, notably on Trump, Russia, and America’s imperial agenda, lacks credibility.

Accept nothing by its correspondents, commentators, editors and contributors at face value.

They lie, deceive and make stuff up – journalism the way it should be absent on Times’ pages on all issues mattering most.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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