US Massacres Civilians, Falsely Claims It’s Fighting ISIS

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June 28, 2017
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June 28, 2017

US Massacres Civilians, Falsely Claims It’s Fighting ISIS

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-led terror-bombing massacres happen repeatedly. Most go unreported. Media scoundrels ignore what’s going on, serving as Pentagon press agents.

On Tuesday, US-led coalition warplanes massacred over 40 civilians in Deir Ezzor province, mostly women and children, injuring dozens more, destroying or damaging residential houses – falsely claiming ISIS terrorists were targeted.

Noncombatants in areas affected by US-led terror-bombing fear Pentagon and coalition warplanes as much or more than ISIS and other terrorists.

When caught red-handed slaughtering civilians, Pentagon investigations, when initiated, whitewash high crimes, accountability never forthcoming.

Terror-bombing by US-led warplanes target vital infrastructure and civilian areas – thousands of noncombatants massacred in Iraq and Syria since America intervened in 2014, providing air cover for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

According to Airwars, terror-bombing in Syria and Iraq killed at least 4,118 civilians through June 8, possibly 16,000 or more.

On Tuesday, Russian upper house Federation Council International Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev said Washington’s claim about Syrian preparations for a CW attack is “particularly frightening in terms of (its) own plans.”

Its unjustifiable accusation “untie(s) the terrorists’ hands because” because Syria was falsely called the culprit in advance. Washington is likely planning its own strike in response, perhaps again falsely claiming self-defense or some otheer contrived reason.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry blasted “Washington’s bellicose rhetoric…warn(ing)” the Trump administration “against further irresponsible steps in violation of the United Nations Charter and the generally recognized norms of the international law as was the case during the April 7 missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat airbase.”

“We view this new bashing on the issue of weapons of mass destruction – in the worst traditions of NATO’s 2003 (aggression against) Iraq – as nothing else than an invitation for terrorists, extremists and the armed opposition in Syria to stage another large-scale provocation with the use of chemical weapons which, according to Washington’s plans, should be followed by inevitable punishment for Bashar al-Assad.”

Warnings to US officials fall on deaf ears. The only language they understand is force.

Russia would send a strong message by giving US and coalition forces operating illegally in northern and southern Syrian bases they established 24 hours to leave before destroying them and any equipment left behind.

It would show Moscow’s warnings are no longer empty. It’s unlikely Washington would try retaliating with deadly accurate Russian S-400 air defense systems protecting its Khmeimim airbase and other Syrian facilities – able to down any threatening aircraft or incoming munitions.

It would give Trump administration officials pause about whether they’d be willing to risk waging war on Russia over Syria.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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