US War in Syria Far From Over

US War in Syria Far From Over

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

All post-9/11 US wars of aggression continue directly or indirectly through proxies – endless unresolved conflicts, trillions of dollars spent for imperial madness, the immense human cost of no consequence.

Since Russia intervened in Syria at Assad’s request, the tide of battle turned in favor of government and allied forces, smashing US-supported terrorists, liberating many parts of the country.

Yet conflict continues raging. Political analyst Jamal Wakeem believes long-range US rocket launchers deployed to al-Tanf in southern Syria may be used against government and allied forces, a convenient pretext used as unjustifiable justification.

Regime change remains Washington’s objective, said Wakeem. It wants control over Syria, first by gaining it in northern and southern parts of the country.

“(T)he Americans are trying to block any possibility of a geographical link between Baghdad and Damascus…to marginalize Iran and (Hezbollah)…in preparation for the future strike against the Syrian Army and also against its allies,” Wakeem explained, adding:

“I believe we will see a further escalation of the situation. The Americans know very well that the stability of the regime relies mainly on the stability of the capital, Damascus” – something it wants changed.

Ceasefire in southern Syria was short-lived, discussed in a previous article. On Sunday, Netanyahu said he opposes the Russian/US brokered deal, claiming it “perpetuat(es)” Iranian and Hezbollah presence in the country near Israel’s border.

Tel Aviv and Washington want regime change, pro-Western puppet rule replacing Assad, Syrian sovereignty eliminated, Iran isolated.

US war plans were long ago prepared against the Islamic Republic, likely just a matter of time until they’re implemented.

Netanyahu lied saying “Israel is aware of Iran’s expansionist goals in Syria.” None exist – not now, earlier or likely planned.

Tehran wants regional stability, peace, not war, and the Middle East free from the threat of nuclear weapons along with America’s aggressive presence.

Separately, the Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS) web site reported “tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped inside (the) ISIS controlled” city.

US-supported terrorists posing “Syrian Democratic Forces and the” US-led coalition ignore their safety and welfare.

Residential areas are being indiscriminately terror-bombed, the same US-led aggression inflicted on Mosul.

RBSS estimates around 70,000 defenseless civilians trapped in the city. Severe shortages of food, water and medical aid created a “humanitarian disaster…”

When US-led aggression began weeks earlier, most medical professionals fled the city with other civilians, RBSS explained.

“Several private hospitals are now out of service due to the heavy shelling,” the group said. “(O)nly one operating hospital remain(s) inside Raqqa city, but it is not sufficient to provide adequate health services.”

“People living in neighborhoods near the front lines have been obligated by ISIS militants to abandon their houses and move towards the city center so they can be used as human shields. ISIS wishes to prevent as many civilians as possible from fleeing the city…”

Satellite images show vast destruction and “severe damage to houses, properties and infrastructure.”

The battle for control of Raqqa repeats US-led devastation inflicted on Mosul – on a somewhat smaller scale, but just as harmful to city residents, victims of US imperial viciousness.

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