White House Affirms Iranian Compliance with Nuclear Deal

White House Affirms Iranian Compliance with Nuclear Deal

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Under terms of the JCPOA agreement, the US administration must notify Congress every 90 days on whether Iran is in compliance.

Since the deal was agreed on in July 2015, adopted in October, implemented on January 16, 2016, Tehran has fully complied with its provisions.

So have all P5+1 countries except America. The Obama administration breached the letter and spirit of its terms straightaway, imposing illegal sanctions for unjustifiable reasons.

The Trump administration plans its own. An unnamed US official lied, claiming Iran “default(ed) on the spirit of” the nuclear deal, shamefully calling the Islamic Republic “the most dangerous threat to US interests,” promising unspecified new military and political action against the Islamic Republic.

On Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Rex Tillerson will “have an announcement very shortly on” the nuclear deal.

“I think you all know that the president has made very clear that he thought this was a bad deal…for the United States,” he added.

Earlier, US officials said Trump may designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization – a deplorable action if ordered.

Last month, Senate members voted overwhelmingly for new sanctions on Iran and Russia. An unnamed US official said the Trump administration is preparing “new economic sanctions on Iran…over its ballistic missile program and for contributing to regional tensions.”

On Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Washington must reassess its unjustifiable policy of unilaterally imposing illegal sanctions on Iran and other countries.

They foster adversarial relations, accomplishing nothing positive, he stressed, adding Iran vows never to seek nuclear weapons.

They “do not augment anybody’s security,” he said. “Our objection to (these) weapons does not recognize friend or foe. We simply believe (they’re) unacceptable and, in our view, illegal because of their consequences.”

Separately, AIPAC urged Congress to take tough action against (nonexistent Iranian) regional aggression.

“Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, remains the greatest long-term threat to Israel’s security and US interests in the Middle East. Since the 2015 announcement of the Iran nuclear deal…Tehran has increased its dangerous behavior” – an outrageous statement it issued said.

Trump escalated Bush/Cheney/Obama’s wars in multiple theaters. He targeted Somalia for the first time since US forces withdrew in 1994.

Campaigning and straightaway in office, he recklessly threatened Iran. Does he have another war of choice in mind?

Will he attack the Islamic Republic aggressively? Will he destabilize the Middle East more than already? Will he risk direct confrontation with Russia?

His rage for endless wars makes anything possible – a dreadful prospect for may lie ahead.

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