The NYT Calls Illegal Sanctions on Russia a Civic Duty

The NYT Calls Illegal US Sanctions on Russia a Civic Duty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In an editorial headlined “Congress Defies Trump on Russia,” The Times ignored international and constitutional law, supporting what demands condemnation.

New sanctions have nothing to do with phony pretexts cited, everything to do with longstanding hostility toward Russia, along with wanting greater access to European markets for US natural gas producers.

The Times: Trump “has yet to grasp the urgency of” punishing Russia. “Even though his family and advisers have been compromised by widening allegations of collusion with Moscow,” he’s “fiercely resisted…”

“Finally, however, comes good news: On Thursday, Congress set aside its partisan bickering long enough to perform the civic duty that Mr. Trump has ducked, giving final passage to legislation imposing sweeping new sanctions on Russia and sharply limiting Mr. Trump’s ability to suspend new and existing ones.”

Fact: “Urgency of” of punishing Russia? For what? No legitimate reasons exist – no interference in America’s election despite Big Lies claiming otherwise, no “aggression” in Ukraine or anywhere else, no evidence of Trump’s team improper or illegal collusion with Russia.

Fact: No nation has worked harder for world peace and stability than Russia, none more abhorrent of war, none more eager for cooperative relations with all nations.

Fact: America is a serial aggressor, waging endless wars, raping and destroying one country after another. Its imperial madness risks nuclear war. It could kill us all.

Fact: New House and Senate sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea are illegal and despicable.

Fact: The Times cheerleads what demands denunciation, operating as an imperial agent, mocking legitimate journalism.

The Times: “(I)f Trump vetoes the bill, it will be one more sign of his willingness to curry favor with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. At which point Congress should not hesitate to override him…Russia must be held accountable…”

Fact: Vetoing illegal sanctions against any nations, groups or individuals is the responsible thing to do.

Fact: America, not Russia, should be held accountable for ongoing and earlier high crimes of war and against humanity – along with serving its privileged few alone at the expense of the great majority.

The Times: “Sanctions are…a nonviolent tool – and in this case a timely and appropriate one – for making clear when another country’s behavior has crossed a line and for applying pressure that could make its leaders reconsider course.”

Unilaterally imposed sanctions are illegal – at all times, under all circumstances with no allowed exceptions.

Rule of law principles don’t matter in Washington or for NYT editors, correspondents, columnists and contributors.

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