Imperial War on Venezuelan Democracy

Imperial War on Venezuelan Democracy

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Sunday’s National Constituent Assembly election “is the most important (one) in the (nation’s) political system because we are electing the sovereign constituent body…that is above all others, the maximum political authority,” President Nicolas Maduro explained in a nationally televised address.

He blasted US-supported fascist opposition elements, aiming to obstruct the constitutional process, adding:

“They believed that in this way they were going to intimidate the people of Venezuela, but they were wrong, because there has not been a more joyous electoral campaign.”

Attempted outreach for national dialogue with opposition forces accomplished nothing. They want confrontation, not conciliation.

The Trump administration promised “strong and swift economic actions” if Sunday’s democratic process proceeds as scheduled.

During US and internally orchestrated street violence since April, 115 deaths occurred, seven in the last two days. Nearly 150,000 security forces are deployed nationwide to maintain order during Sunday voting.

Anyone obstructing the process faces arrest, prosecution and up to 10 years imprisonment. Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) head Tibisay Lucena stressed the nation’s process is “one of the safest, most reliable and transparent in the world.”

Jimmy Carter calls it the world’s “best.” It shames America’s sham process, duopoly governance with two right wings, mocking legitimate democracy, banned in the USA.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada blasted Washington’s destabilizing campaign, regime change its aim, saying the nation “has been systematically attacked by the US empire in its attempt to show a state of ungovernability and crisis in the country.”

“The United States openly violates international law and attacks the countries of the region. We are in the middle of a systematic operation that uses violence as a mechanism.”

“For the US empire, any democratic process is a threat, which is why it attacks our institutions and officials.”

The NYT is a longstanding imperial tool, supporting all US wars of aggression and color revolutions to topple sovereign independent governments like Venezuela’s.

It disgracefully claimed Maduro “is pushing a radical plan to consolidate his leftist movement’s grip over the nation…”

Fact: He’s in full compliance with Venezuelan constitutional law. Sunday voting will empower elected National Constituent members to revise Venezuela’s constitution or draft a new one, aiming to serve everyone equitably – democracy in action dark forces in Washington reject. So does the NYT.

Fact: People power is what Bolivarian governance is all about. America wants fascist rule it controls instead.

Fact: The NYT considers real democracy anywhere a threat to US interests.

The Times: “…Maduro (is) steering his country toward one-party rule…”

Fact: Venezuela is the hemisphere’s model democracy, the threat of a good example Washington fears will spread.

The Times: Maduro “refuse(s) to negotiate with street protesters.”

Fact: Opposition fascists directed by Washington rejected months of presidential outreach.

Much rides on Sunday elections and aftermath. Empowered Constituent Assembly members will be tasked with restoring constitutional order – no simple aim given Washington’s rage for regime change.

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