Cold-Blooded Murder by Israel in Palestine

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July 21, 2017
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July 22, 2017

Cold-Blooded Murder by Israel in Palestine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last Wednesday, spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Patriachate of Jerusalem, Father Issa Musleh, said Israel’s latest assault on the Al-Aqsa mosque is part of a premeditated plan, aimed at dividing it spatially and temporally.

It’s part of longstanding Israeli intentions to change its status, established after East Jerusalem was illegally occupied in June 1967.

Israeli regimes repeatedly push the limits of what was agreed on by permitting larger and more frequent visits by extremist settlers, along with periodic clashes with Palestinian worshipers.

On Friday, Israeli security forces confronted thousands of Palestinians marching nonviolently toward Jerusalem’s Old City.

Israeli-instigated clashes erupted, including use of live fire on defenseless Palestinians, lethally shooting three demonstrators.

Dozens of others were injured, hundreds during the past week of protests – at least 66 requiring hospitalization.

The Palestinian Red Crescent treated victims of live fire, rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas, stun grenades, beatings by police and soldiers, along with others struck by vehicles.

The Waqf Islamic endowment administering Al-Aksa called on Palestinians to worship outside the mosque on Friday to denounce Israel’s installation of metal detectors and security cameras in response to July 14 violence in Jerusalem leaving five dead, including two police officers.

In 2017, Israeli forces killed 49 Palestinians, 14 so far in July – unaccountable extrajudicial assassinations. The West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza are war zones – Palestinians terrorized for not being Jewish.

Despite calls by Jordan, Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence), and Israel’s coordinator of government activities in the territories to remove the oppressive metal detectors, security cameras and other unacceptable restrictions at Al-Aqsa, Netanyahu refused.

On Friday, longtime Israeli collaborator Mahmoud Abbas’ announced suspension of contacts with Israel as long as its security measures at Al-Aqsa remain in place – a hollow response to its viciousness.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called it “pointless,” a meaningless act by an illegitimate Israeli-anointed leader, serving its interests, persecuting his own people for special benefits he’s afforded.

East Jerusalem resident Abu Diab said Israel’s assault on Al-Aqsa united Palestinians. They consider the mosque and compound a last (and sacred) sanctuary from 50 years of oppressive occupation.

“If Al-Aqsa goes, we lose everything,” he said. “We won’t leave until they remove the metal detectors” and other restrictions.

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Hussein urged Palestinians to pray outside, not inside, Al-Aqsa until it’s restored to its proper status, saying:

“We are exhausting Israel because all their military and intelligence are in the streets. We are steadfast, and we will not back off.”

Things remain in standoff – protests almost certain to continue until Al-Aksa is free from oppressive Israeli control.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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