Israeli Torture and Abuse of Palestinian Detainees

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Israeli Torture and Abuse of Palestinian Detainees

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Viciously imposed occupation, colonialism and apartheid worse than South Africa’s define longstanding Israeli policy.

It’s a rogue state by any standard, a fantasy democracy, run by Islamophobic racists, right-wing ideologues, and religious fanatics.

It abhors peace, stability, equity and justice, waging undeclared war on millions of Palestinians, viciously persecuting them, getting away with murder unaccountably, launching aggression on defenseless civilians at its discretion.

State terror is official Israeli policy. So is torture, defying fundamental international law and its own statutes, prohibiting it at all times, under all circumstances, with no allowed exceptions.

America and Israel operate by their own rules, brutalizing detainees, young children as abusively treated as adults.

Common Israeli practices during interrogations and detentions include beatings, painful binding and shackling, swearing, humiliation, denial of food, water, medical treatment and other basic needs, sleep deprivation, isolation under appalling conditions, and other forms of physical violence, torture and abuse.

On June 26, Military Court Watch (MCW), monitoring treatment of children detained by Israel, reported evidence obtained from testimonies from 127 children imprisoned in 2016, saying:

Most were lawlessly arrested from 10PM to 5AM “by heavily armed soldiers in their homes and bedrooms,” a terrifying and traumatizing experience for young children, forcefully taken from their parents.

“(F)ear is increased in cases where the front door (of homes) is broken in or blown open with explosives.”

Only 2% of targeted children were served with summons – nearly always without explanation of why arrests were ordered or the legal rights of targeted individuals.

When written information is provided, it’s in Hebrew most don’t understand.

“…94% of children…report(ed) being hand tied upon arrest,” calling it “painful (or) very tight and painful.”

“Children frequently remain tied for extended periods including during interrogation. In some cases their hands become swollen or bleed.”

“Children continue to be shackled by the ankles during military court appearances.”

“In 76 percent of cases where children are restrained the evidence indicates non-compliance with the military’s own standard operating procedures introduced in 2010.”

Most often, blindfolding and hooding occurs when arrested. During abduction, transfer and interrogation, physical abuse occurs most often.

Children reported “head-butting; tripping; aggressively dragging; kicking; beating; punching; Tasered; struck with objects including sticks,  weapons and helmets; deliberate over-tightening of restraints,” and other forms of abuse.

Almost never were they informed of their right of silence and other legal rights. They’re denied access to lawyers and parents during interrogation.

They’re lawlessly transferred to Israel, another Fourth Geneva violation.

Based on testimonies obtained from 480 children from 2013 to 2017, only one of 40 MCW recommendations were implemented – “in spite of these issues being repeatedly raised by UK officials with their Israeli counterparts” over this period.

For decades, human rights groups denounced horrific Israeli practices, viciously persecuting Palestinians, including use of torture and other ill-treatment.

Israel’s claim to be a democratic civilized state is belied by its ruthless practices.

It gets away with virtually everything because the world community refuses to intervene responsibly.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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