Israel’s Embassy in Jordan Attacked

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July 24, 2017
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Israel’s Embassy in Jordan Attacked

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel is a racist, fascist apartheid cancer in the Middle East, reviled by Muslims throughout the region because of its ruthlessness toward Palestinians, along with allying with America’s imperial agenda.

On Sunday, its embassy in Amman, Jordan was attacked. Palestinians comprise around half the country’s population.

Few details about what happened are known. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Hahshon said the incident is “under full censorship.”

According to local media, security forces cordoned off the area. Amman was virtually shut down. The security breach, involving live fire, reportedly killed two Jordanian nationals, one or more Israelis injured.

The embassy is a frequent target for protests against Israeli ruthlessness toward Palestinians.

Haaretz said the incident “has become a diplomatic crisis. Jordan is barring the Israeli guard from leaving the country.”

On Sunday evening, Israeli authorities ordered its embassy personnel out for their protection. Jordan is holding the security guard, pending an investigation into what happened.

Netanyahu refuses to cooperate, claiming all its embassy staff have diplomatic immunity. The dispute delayed evacuation of Israel’s personnel from Amman.

The Palestinian attacker allegedly was angered over Israeli-imposed security procedures at Jerusalem’s Al-Aksa mosque, including days of attacking worshipers protesting its actions.

Straightaway after Sunday’s incident, Jordan declared a state of emergency. Tensions are high on both sides of the border it shares with Israel.

On Monday, Netanyahu’s security cabinet will discuss the issue. According to Jordan’s Petra News Agency, police are investigating what happened, adding:

Jordan’s Public Security Department “launched an extensive investigation into the incident and informed the Public Prosecution in order to find out all details and circumstances in accordance with legal procedures followed in such cases.”

An injured Israeli embassy deputy director of security was hospitalized for treatment. The father of the Jordanian attacker killed at the site called his son a “martyr for Allah.”

For the 8th consecutive day, Palestinians protested against unacceptable Israeli-imposed security measures at Al Aksa. Israeli police and soldiers responded violently. Injuries and arrests were reported.

In a statement on Sunday, the Islamic Movement in Occupied Palestine said Israel bears full responsibility for attacking Palestinian worshipers, along with obstructing their religious freedom rights.

Jordan has custodial authority over Islamic holy places in Jerusalem. According to a 2013 agreement with the Palestinian Authority, King Abdullah II “will exert all possible efforts to preserve (these) sites, especially Al-Haram Al-Sharif (the Al-Aqsa mosque and compound), and represent their interests.”

He’s also responsible for “guaranteeing Muslims freedom of movement to and from the sites.” Jordanian stewardship over Jerusalem holy sites existed since 1924, reaffirmed in 2013.

The Islamic Movement called on Jordanian authorities to intervene against Israeli-imposed security measures, along with violence against Palestinian worshipers.

It called on all Palestinians in Jerusalem to continue protesting against Israeli oppression and desecration of Al-Aqsa by its unacceptable measures.

On Sunday, Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Sabastiya from the Jerusalem Patriarchate, Theodosios (Atallah) Hanna, appeared in solidarity with Palestinians outside Al Aksa.

Denouncing Israeli viciousness, he said “(t)argeting Al-Aqsa and plundering our Christian endowment properties are two faces of one policy targeting us all as Palestinians in this holy land.”

Its message is “you Palestinians are unwelcome in Jerusalem. Our response to that racist policy is that the occupation is unwelcome in Jerusalem and must disappear from our city and our holy sites.”

The international community refuses to hold Israel accountable for the current violence. Its silent about decades of state-sponsored viciousness against all Palestinians.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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