Truth-Telling Journalism Banned in Ukraine

Truth-Telling Journalism Banned in Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-installed putschists illegitimately running Ukraine represent fascist tyranny in Europe’s heartland.

Press freedom is banned. Criticizing regime policy risks arrest, torture, imprisonment, deportation or death.

Western media suppress the horrors committed by a ruthless rogue state, at war with its own people, militantly anti-Russia, grievously violating human and civil rights, tolerating no opposition to its illegitimate rule – supported by Washington, other Western countries, Israel and the UN.

Russian Channel 1 television correspondent Anna Kurbatova is the latest journalist targeted by Kiev’s viciousness, abducted for doing her job responsibly, accused of “smearing” Ukraine for reporting accurately about what’s going on.

Channel 1 released the following statement saying:

“Anna Kurbatova (was) kidnapped in the center of Kiev and we can not contact her. Our colleague was abducted by unknown people near her house, put in a car and taken away. According to our information, the officers of (Kiev’s) Security Service detained” her.

Since usurping power in February 2014, the regime imprisoned and murdered journalists to silence them. Anyone reporting accurately about deplorable Kiev policies risks the same fate.

According to Rossiya-24, Kurbatova “repeatedly received threats over her coverage of events in Ukraine. On August 26 she was blacklisted on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) website outlawed in Russia.”

She “was accused of biased coverage of the military parade timed for Ukraine’s Independence Day. Also, she was accused of manipulating with socially significant information and of participation in anti-Ukrainian propaganda.”

In fascist Ukraine, truth-telling considered “propaganda” is prohibited. Before her abduction, Kurbatova prepared a report about pressure, intimidation, and threats against journalists in Ukraine.

The regime tolerates no dissent. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “(w)e…will be implying maximum efforts to clear the situation.”

A Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) spokesperson confirmed Kurbatova’s arrest and detention, saying she “will be forcibly returned to the Russian Federation,” adding:

“Ukraine is (an) (un)constitutional state, its security services operate” by its own rules, no others, international law spurned unaccountably.

“All necessary documents for her deportation are being prepared at the moment. It will happen to everyone who dares to” report the truth about putschists running Ukraine.

Separately, a Russian TV crew in Donbass was fired on by regime forces near Donetsk, using small arms, then heavier ones, according to Andrey Rudenko, correspondent for the broadcaster.

No one was injured. The crew left quickly to get out of harm’s way. Washington supplies Kiev with heavy weapons, used to wage war on Donbass for three years.

Western capitals and media ignore the regime’s high crimes – including its rise to power by coup d’etat.

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