Deplorable US/Russia Relations

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August 2, 2017
Tillerson Calls for Regime Change in Venezuela
August 2, 2017

Deplorable US/Russia Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Near unanimously imposed congressional sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea usurped decision-making authority on these countries by House and Senate members, neutralizing administration policy.

It’s hamstrung, other than imposing its own sanctions or launching war on one or all three – frighteningly possible given America’s rage for endless conflicts, though not likely imminent.

Deplorable US hostility toward Russia is as bad or worse than any time during the Cold War, likely to deteriorate further – Moscow unable to change neocon dictated policies in America, its good faith efforts consistently undermined.

Russia’s future is east, not West, Nothing in prospect suggests any chance for improved relations with Washington. Perhaps eventually with Brussels and Germany if they declare independence and stop being subservient to US interests – maybe some day, not now enough to matter.

Announcing the expulsion of 755 US embassy and consular staff, Putin said “(i)t is time for Russia to fight back against American unlawful acts.” Likely more actions coming by both countries.

During a Tuesday press conference, Rex Tillerson called bilateral US/Russia relations “under considerable stress” – getting worse with no prospect for improvement.

Most Americans have been brainwashed to believe Russia is a bad guy, media scoundrels delivering the message daily.

Washington is adversarial toward Russia on virtually everything other than non-military cooperation in space. Tillerson saying both countries are working together to defeat ISIS in Syria turned truth on its head.

Russia is committed to defeating terrorism in the country, wanting it kept from spreading. America supports the scourge it pretends to oppose. No “common view” on combating terrorism exists, as Tillerson claimed, no US intention of respecting Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Tillerson: “(I)t continues to be our view that the Assad regime has no role in the future governing of Syria.”

US aggression in Syria won’t end until “that’s what is achieved at the end.” Nor does Washington tolerate Iran helping Damascus defeat the scourge of terrorism, Tillerson made clear.

He called America’s rape of Mosul and Raqqa “liberation,” ignoring US terror-bombing responsible for indiscriminately massacring thousands of defenseless civilians in both areas.

The slaughter in Raqqa continues, virtually unreported in the West.

Commenting on congressional sanctions on Russia, Tillerson admitted he and Trump “are not happy” about them, but “we can’t let it take us off-track in trying to restore the relationship” – an unattainable goal as long as unrelenting US hostility persists.

On August 1, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow-ordered reductions in Washington’s diplomatic staff in response to its hostile actions doesn’t stand up to criticism.

“Leaks from Washington explained that the reduction of US diplomatic personnel would adversely impact travel plans of Russian nationals” in response, she explained.

“(T)hey are telling us that personnel reduction would impact visa issuance procedures,” further deteriorating bilateral relations.

Congress, top Pentagon commanders and Vice President Pence consider Russia America’s top threat – despite its good faith efforts to foster good relations.

It’s doesn’t matter what Trump and Tillerson prefer. When it comes to Russia, they’re hamstrung out of the picture.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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