Sanitizing the Killing Fields of Raqqa

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017

Sanitizing the Killing Fields of Raqqa

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When America wages war, civilian lives and welfare don’t matter. They’re indiscriminately slaughtered in all its war theaters – mostly from terror-bombing, a Nuremberg-level high crime.

Raqqa is being raped and destroyed the same way, large parts of the city turned to rubble, maybe thousands of corpses beneath it, largely defenseless civilians, victims of imperial ruthlessness.

According to UN humanitarian official Jan Egeland, Raqqa is the “worst place on earth” to live in, thousands of civilians trapped in the city.

The UN’s Stephen O’Brien “estimates that an average of 27 people…killed in Raqqa every day.” It may be double or triple that number, mostly civilian men, women, children, the elderly, infirm and disabled.

They’re defenseless against America’s killing machine, destroying the city and slaughtering them – waging phony war on ISIS.

Washington supports its fighters, strategically shifting them from one battlefield to others, using them as foot soldiers to pursue its imperial interests.

Regime change in Syria and all other independent countries remains its longstanding objective, raping and destroying countries to achieve it.

Millions of corpses attest to America’s barbarism, a rogue state like no others in world history, willing to risk destroying planet earth to own it, the human cost of its wars of no consequence.

O’Brien believes about 25,000 civilians remain trapped in Raqqa. Washington considers them legitimate targets without admitting it. Western media largely ignore the carnage.

According to UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng, US warplanes are terror-bombing boats on the Euphrates River used by civilians, trying to flee Raqqa, an extremely hazardous undertaking.

Refugees able to get out alive largely blame terror-bombing for mass slaughter and destruction, one woman saying:

“The shelling is targeting the civilians. It is the aircraft, the coalition. It shells the civilians. Four-story houses of people were all bombed over in our neighborhood. For sure many have died. One of them is my cousin. He died in Raqqa by an airplane.”

Banned terror weapons are being used, including white phosphorous, able to burn flesh to the bone on contact.

Separately on Wednesday, President Assad explained Syrian and allied forces continue liberating terrorist-held areas.

He believes in light of Syrian military successes, “several countries have taken measures aiming to suppress the financing of terrorists remaining in” the country.

Significant progress has been made toward defeating the Western and regional “project of terror in Syria,” Assad adding:

“(T)here is no way back until the total victory and restoration of peace and security in the entire territory of” the country.

A Final Comment

ISIS terrorists in Kurdish YPG uniforms, displaying Kurdish flags, established checkpoints to seize civilians trying to flee Raqqa.

Where did they get them? Were they supplied by Washington, disguises to aid shifting them from Raqqa to other Syrian battlegrounds?

The struggle to liberate the country won’t end as long as America wants war and regime change.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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