Occupied Palestine: Unsafe to Live In

Occupied Palestine: Unsafe to Live In

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Daily abuses happen with disturbing regularity, at times resulting in serious injuries or deaths, an entire Palestinian population persecuted for not being Jewish.

Israeli forces conducted overnight Wednesday into pre-dawn Thursday West Bank community raids, arresting at least 19 Palestinians guilty of no crimes.

Rampaging through communities happens multiple times daily, dozens of times weekly, terrorizing families, traumatizing children.

In July, over 6,000 Palestinians were arrested and detained, including over 300 children.

Days earlier, human rights activist Salah Hamouri was administratively sentenced to six months imprisonment – uncharged and untried for “dar(ing) to speak up against this oppressive colonial regime,” the Addameer prisoner support group explained.

Hamouri is one of its field researchers. He’s been imprisoned before for his activism – how ruthless Israeli apartheid operates.

Addameer said his case reflects more than illegal arrest and detention. “It is part of a systematic policy of disempowerment. The aim is to ensure that any work supporting the Palestinian quest for self-determination is punished severely.”

“The thinking goes that if enough are punished, and the weight is too much to bear, the rest will be dismayed and accept the status quo. They will be resigned to the fact that they are part of a state structure that treats them as subjects, who can be imprisoned and stripped of their rights at will.”

Human rights defenders have two choices – quit pursuing justice or accept constant punishment.

Violence and vandalism committed by extremist settlers are nearly always ignored. In early August, settlers assaulted two Palestinian youths in Hebron.

Soldiers witnessing the attack attacked the Palestinians instead of protecting them. These type incidents happen repeatedly. Victims are detained, interrogated and abused. Perpetrators remain unaccountable.

Violence and vandalism against Palestinians are permitted. Defending themselves is considered terrorism. Life in Occupied Palestine is intolerable.

It’s almost as bad in Israel for Arab citizens. On Friday, Lod’s mayor, together with Israeli police, stormed a city mosque. Assaulting worshipers, they tried preventing them from praying.

Israeli viciousness works this way. The international community consistently fails to intervene responsibly. Palestinian suffering continues with no prospect of ending it in sight.

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