US Contempt for Rule of Law Principles

US Contempt for Rule of Law Principles

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Republican and undemocratic Democrats flagrantly breach international, constitutional and US statute laws.

They demand subservience from all other nations. They treat US citizens contemptuously. All independent countries are targeted for regime change. Washington wants them transformed into vassal states, naked aggression its favored strategy.

America is permanently at war on humanity at home and abroad. Deplorable hostility toward Russia risks direct confrontation, the increasing possibility of unthinkable nuclear war, a terrifying doomsday scenario if launched.

The latest chapter in dismal bilateral relations was the ordered closure of its San Francisco consulate, its oldest in America, operating since the 19th century. Three others are in New York, Seattle and Houston.

Two annex buildings in Washington and New York were also ordered closed – all three by September 2, staff given around 36 hours to vacate the premises. No further diplomatic activities from these facilities are allowed.

Sergey Lavrov said Moscow will “closely study” the action. An appropriate response will follow.

The affected consulate issued a statement, saying in 2016 alone, it “issued more than 16 thousand tourist visas for American citizens. Closure…will create certain difficulties in the preparation of documents for this category of Americans.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced Washington’s “raider seizure” of its diplomatic properties saying:

“On August 31, the US authorities declared unprecedented measures on limiting the activity of Russian diplomatic and consular missions in the US.”

“This step is a gross violation of international law, including the United States’ commitments on the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations.”

“This is an invasion of the consulate and apartments of diplomatic staff, and they were kicked out so that they would not obstruct FBI agents.”

They and other US security service operatives intend searching the consulate offices, along with residences of its staff, Zakharova explained – given 12 hours to leave their homes.

Trump’s order exceeded Obama’s year end 2016 expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and confiscation of its diplomatic properties in New York and Maryland.

“It is obvious that the US is not interested in the development of relations between people,” Zakharova stressed, adding:

“Russia reserves the opportunity for retaliatory measures. This is not our choice. It has been imposed on us.”

US hostility toward Russia continues hitting new lows. Trump is captive to dark forces controlling him.

Investigative journalist Mike Cernovich said he’s under “house arrest” in the White House, adding:

“Rex Tillerson, who planned on staying until December, now wants out, as everyone knows. Nikki Haley will take his position, with Dina Powell subbing in at the UN.”

Cernovich calls Powell “an all-star leaker…repeatedly undermining Trump.” He entered office wanting improved relations with Russia.

They’re worse than ever. What’ll be the next shoe to drop in bilateral relations? How much worse can things get?

Trump appears powerless to stop things going from dismal to who knows what. America’s deep state wants adversarial relations with Moscow. What’s coming is anyone’s guess.

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