WaPo Urges Permanent US Occupation of Syria

WaPo Urges Permanent US Occupation of Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post wants Syria colonized like Puerto Rico, Guam, other Caribbean and South Pacific Islands, as well as all other US war theaters – past and present.

It maintains the myth of its “campaign to destroy” ISIS. It urges occupying as much of the country as it can grab on the phony pretext of helping to “stabilize” what it wants permanently destabilized.

It turned truth on its head claiming pulling US forces out “could create a vacuum that might trigger ethnic slaughter, regional proxy wars and a new wave of jihadist violence.”

That’s the scenario Obama and Hillary orchestrated by waging war on the country, using “jihadist(s)” as imperial foot soldiers, aiding them by terror-bombing, massacring civilians, not liberating them, destroying vital infrastructure nations can’t function without.

WaPo: “The military and civilian officials who have been closest to US-Syria policy appear convinced that America should maintain” a permanent military presence.

Washington, its rogue partners, and terrorist foot soldiers are invaders – at war with Syrian sovereignty and its people, flagrantly violating international law.

Syria belongs to Syrians, free from foreign occupiers. They want US and allied forces out of their country. So do Russia, Iran, and all other freedom-loving nations.

WaPo: “Few analysts expect that Syria can be reunified by President Bashar al-Assad…(F)or the foreseeable future, the country…await(s) a political transition process that can reestablish the legitimacy and authority of a new central government in Damascus.”

Free societies respect Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity. Assad and members of parliament were democratically elected. Syrians alone should decide who’ll lead them, not a foreign imperial power hostile to their interests – responsible for raping the country.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists are “expected to seize…Raqqa…in about six weeks,” according to WaPo.

The battle for the city has been ongoing for months. America’s objective is destroying it, massacring its residents, terrorizing survivors.

US and FSA fighters way outnumber and outgun remaining ISIS terrorists in the city, most of their original numbers given safe passage to Deir Ezzor and elsewhere in the country.

Raqqa could be seized in days. America is waging permanent war in Syria, destroying its vital infrastructure, shifting its focus from some areas to others.

WaPo supports US imperial aggression. Syrians want their country back. Free people everywhere support them.

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