Deplorable Closure and Searches of Russian Diplomatic Facilities in America

Deplorable Closure and Searches of Russian Diplomatic Facilities in America

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Closure of Russia’s San Francisco consulate, a chancery annex in Washington, and a New York consular annex reflects irreconcilable differences between both countries.

Despite good faith Russian efforts, Washington remains hardline, its hostility unrelenting. Normalized relations are unattainable, eventual confrontation more likely.

Nothing significantly positive between both countries happened since the Reagan/Gorbachev era. Obama’s brief reset was head-fake deception. No meaningful US outreach followed.

Bilateral relations today are dismal, bordering on open conflict, initiated by Washington if occurs, a frightening prospect.

Months earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev blasted Obama, accusing his administration of destroying bilateral relations.

It’s foolhardy for Moscow to think improvement is possible – never as long as neocons and hawkish generals determine US geopolitical policies, waging endless wars of aggression, intending new ones, wanting all sovereign independent nations transformed into US vassal ones.

Trump is captive to dark forces controlling him, an impotent leader, doing their bidding to save his presidency, whether possible remains to be seen.

Closure of Russia’s diplomatic facilities was the latest deplorable US shoe to drop, a scandalous affront, searching them flagrantly illegal, violating the Vienna Convention on Diplomat Relations, explained in a same-day article.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said “I am watching the footage of the FBI searches of Russian foreign missions, and I think that this is some kind of hellish clownery…stupid, illegal (and) meaningless.”

“What for? To show all the power of the American special services?” Russia’s ministry published “video evidence of illegal actions by the US authorities,” calling it an “invasion, (a) violation of international (and US law…”

The residences of consulate staff living in the building were illegally searched with their members and families inside.

Head of Russia’s trade mission in Washington, Alexander Stadnik, called Washington’s action “a vivid example of vandalism in the system of international relations, the raiding and seizure of Russian property abroad. We certainly did not expect such uninvited guests and they were not welcomed.”

Russian embassy spokesman Nikolai Lakhonin said “(o)ur staff left the trade mission (in Washington). US officials remain there. We have no idea of what they are doing there now. It was claimed that they would make a video record there.”

Two Russian officials inside witnessed the inspection. Then they were illegally ordered out.

The unprecedented closure and searches of Russian diplomatic facilities reflects US aggression by other means, deplorable hostility, unacceptable by any standard.

Moscow will certainly respond appropriately. Further US toughness is likely, more illegal sanctions and/or other actions.

Trump is a figurehead leader, too impotent to improve things. Diplomatic war continues. The risk of becoming hot remains ominous.

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