Former Head of Israeli Military Intelligence Urges US War on North Korea

Former Head of Israeli Military Intelligence Urges US War on North Korea

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Current and former lunatics reside in Israel – much like their counterparts in America.

Former Israeli air force general, military attache to Washington, and head of IDF military intelligence Amos Yadlin urged Trump to wage preemptive war on North Korea to destroy its nuclear capability – provided a DPRK retaliatory strike could be prevented.

“Excellent intelligence would be required to accomplish it successfully, he said. He’s unsure if Washington has enough knowledge to be able to destroy the right targets.

Pyongyang would almost certainly be able to retaliate against South Korean and Japanese targets, along with US regional forces.

Yadlin believes there are gaps between North Korean reality and posturing about its nuclear capability, saying:

“There is the reality and there is the war of words. The reality is that North Korea has nuclear weapons. This is not new.”

Pyongyang likely hasn’t achieved the nuclear and ballistic missile capability it seeks. It requires three things, said Yadlin:

“The ability to launch a nuclear weapon on a missile, the ability to survive an attack, and converting an atomic bomb to a hydrogen bomb…The hydrogen bomb has much more power than the atomic.”

Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, a topic Yadlin ignored. Instead he bashed Iran, a nation abhorring these weapons, suggesting without evidence it can pursue them “within a short time…toward the end of the (nuclear) agreement…”

Separately, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon tweeted:

“The international response, led by the US, to the North Korean regime’s provocations, sheds light on how it will behave toward the Iranian regime on their nuclear efforts in the near future.”

“Although the nuclear test is not our issue, the tension should concern us.”

Tensions are high on the Korean peninsula. Stepping back from the brink is essential to avoid possible catastrophic war. If waged with nuclear weapons, millions could perish.

Generals only know one language. Diplomacy isn’t in their vocabulary, especially US and Israeli ones, both nations serial belligerents.

A Final Comment

Tough new Security Council sanctions Washington is drafting are expected to include calling for cutting off North Korean oil imports – something neither China or Russia will accept, nor other tough measures designed to destroy the DPRK economy.

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