Russian Draft SC Resolution to Send Peacekeepers to Ukraine

Russian Draft SC Resolution to Send Peacekeepers to Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In response to Putin’s proposal to send peacekeepers to Ukraine as a way to help end over three years of conflict, Russia’s Foreign Ministry drafted a Security Council resolution to provide security for OSCE monitors.

Blue Helmets would operate only along the contact line separating Kiev forces from Donbass freedom fighters, a proposal Washington and Kiev won’t accept unless they’re in full control.

Putin explained the idea is only viable if agreed to by all relevant parties. Heavy weapons would have to be withdrawn from close to the contact line for it to work.

“Austria, which is the current OSCE Chair, and the OSCE Secretariat welcome every effort aimed at ensuring lasting peace and security in Ukraine,” according to one of its officials, adding:

Security in Ukraine “would significantly improve if the sides fulfill their obligations under the Minsk Agreements.”

Minsk I and II accomplished nothing. Kiev forces unilaterally breached their terms straightaway. US-supported naked aggression on Donbass has been ongoing for over three years.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel welcomed Putin’s proposal, saying it could “become the first major step towards lifting anti-Russian sanctions.”

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) President Alexander Zakharchenko called for Security Council consideration of Putin’s proposal, saying:

Donetsk and Lugansk (LPR) “want nothing more than a lasting peace, a stop to the criminal war waged by the Kiev regime, and that the killing would stop.”

“Not only are we ready to consider the plan, but also bring to the table our own proposals.” Kiev must first agree to observe Minsk ceasefire terms for a peacekeeping operation to work, Zakharchenko stressing any agreement reached must be approved by Donetsk and Lugansk.

On September 5, DPR Defense Minister Eduard Basurin said Kiev forces violated Minsk ceasefire terms 30 times in the last 24 hours – using artillery, mortars and incendiary weapons.

Naked regime aggression against Donbass continues. Washington and Kiev reject peace. Endless war continues, no end of it in sight.

Kiev rejected Putin’s proposal, a regime official saying his statement “concerning the necessity of coordinating the issue of UN peacekeepers’ deployment to Donbass with the (DPR and LPR) would de facto mean legalization of their network.”

Kiev supports the peacekeeping idea, provided it’s according to its terms – including surrender of freedom fighting forces, control over Donbass, and replacing democratic governance with fascist tyranny.

It’s a dead-end idea assuring endless war.

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