The Latest Israeli Aggression on Syria

The Latest Israeli Aggression on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Over night Wednesday, Israeli warplanes, operating from Lebanese air space, terror-bombed a government scientific research facility in northeastern Tartous – on the phony pretext of targeting a CW facility.

Two deaths were reported along with material damage to the site. According to Syria’s military:

“This aggression comes in a desperate attempt to raise the collapsed morale of the ISIS terrorists after the sweeping victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism at more than one front, and it affirms the direct support provided by the Israeli entity to the ISIS and other terrorist organizations.”

Israeli media falsely claimed a chemical weapons facility was struck, citing foreign media reports.

Last month, an unpublished UN report alleged North Korean collaboration with Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center. It claimed two DPRK shipments to Syria were interdicted – with no details on when, where, or what cargo the vessels contained, with no indication of where they were heading.

Headlines by Israeli and Western media claiming Pyongyang was caught sending chemical weapons to Syria were fabricated.

In July, Netanyahu admitted Israeli attacks on alleged Hezbollah convoys dozens of times. In August, former Israeli air force commander Amir Eshel said since 2012, Israeli warplanes struck targets in Syria nearly 100 times.

Former Israeli military intelligence head Amos Yadlin lied, claiming the Syrian research center struck overnight “produces chemical weapons and explosive barrels that have killed thousands of Syrian civilians,” adding:

“The attack is finally an Israeli moral statement about the massacre in Syria.” He failed to explain Israeli support for ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria – supplying them with arms, treating their wounded in Israeli field hospitals close to the Syrian border.

Israel’s overnight attack is likely part of its collaboration with Washington in continuing endless war for regime change and destruction of Syrian sovereignty, part of a plot to eliminate a rival state and isolate Iran.

It’s not working – Syrian and allied forces progressing steadily toward eventually liberating the country from the scourge of US-supported terrorism.

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