Neocon Nikki Haley’s Anti-Iran Remarks

Neocon Nikki Haley’s Anti-Iran Remarks

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Haley is for virtually everything free societies oppose – an anti-diplomat serving in a high-profile diplomatic post as US UN envoy.

She’s militantly pro-war, anti-peace, anti-Russia, anti-North Korea and anti-Iran.

On September 5, she addressed the American Enterprise Institute. Its current and former board of trustee members comprise a rogue’s gallery of right-wing extremists.

Haley discussed Iran and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

She lied calling it a threat to US national security and “the world.” It threatens no one. Iran fully complies with JCPOA terms and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act (NPT).

Its nuclear program has no military component. It abhors these weapons, advocates a nuclear-free region, these weapons of mass destruction eliminated.

Haley: The JCPOA “has so many flaws that it’s tempting (for America) to leave it.”

False! Iran gave much more than it got in return. It’s an international treaty agreed to by seven countries – America under Trump the only one against it.

US hostility toward Iran and so-called Trump administration concerns about its well-known peaceful nuclear program conceal Washington’s real aim – regime change against a sovereign independent country.

Haley: “The question of Iranian compliance is not as straight forward as many people believe. It’s not just about the technical terms of the nuclear agreement. It requires a much more thorough look.”

“Judging any international agreement begins and ends with the nature of the government that signed it. Does it respect international law? Can it be trusted to abide by its commitments?”

“Is the agreement strong enough to withstand the regime’s attempts to cheat? Given these answers, is the agreement in the national interests of the United States?”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran was born in an act of international lawbreaking.”

Fact: Judging Iranian compliance is very straightforward. It’s by far the most heavily monitored nation with nuclear power programs.

Fact: No inspections occur in America to determine NPT compliance. Nuclear armed and dangerous Israel prohibits them.

Fact: No evidence suggests Iranian noncompliance with international law or JCPOA principles. Nothing indicates its government “cheats.”

Fact: Under international law, no nation may interfere in the internal affairs of others – except in self-defense if attacked. Iran doesn’t do it. America does it all the time worldwide, a nation posing the greatest threat to world peace and security.

Fact: The 1979 Iranian revolution ended a generation of fascist dictatorship, created by a CIA coup. It restored its dignity and independent sovereign rights.

Haley: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) founded Hezbollah “to spread Iran’s influence and its revolution abroad.”

Fact: Hezbollah was founded as a national liberation movement following Israel’s 1982 invasion and aggression against Lebanon. It’s not a terrorist organization or Iranian proxy.

It’s a legitimate political and social organization. Its military wing is for self-defense, given the threat of Israeli aggression.

Haley reinvented history, reciting a list of criminal acts falsely blamed on Iran or Hezbollah.

Haley: “Today Hezbollah is doing the Iranian regime’s dirty work, supporting the war crimes of Syria’s Assad. And it is building an arsenal of weapons and battle-hardened fighters in Lebanon in preparation for war.”

Utter rubbish! Hezbollah fighters allied with Syrian forces to combat US-support ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups. Its defense forces are for peace, not war – unlike how Washington and Israel operate, partnering in each other’s wars of aggression against nations and people threatening no one.

Haley: Iran aims “to overturn the international order.” It’s “unaccountable to” its people. “It’s hard to find a conflict or a suffering people in the Middle East that the Iranian regime, the IRGC, or its proxies do not touch.”

Fact: Haley sounds like Netanyahu with a gender difference, turning truth on its head, disgracing the office she holds.

Iran “support(s) terrorism and proxy wars,” she roared. It’s combating US-supported terrorism responsibly.

“Iran’s military has long pursued nuclear weapons, all the while attempting to hide its intentions,” Haley continuing to turn truth on its head.

“For decades, the Iranian military conducted a covert nuclear weapons program, undeclared and hidden from international inspectors.”

Not a shred of evidence suggests it. Plenty indicates otherwise. Haley is a serial liar like most others in Washington.

Haley: “The JCPOA is…a very flawed and very limited agreement…Iran has been caught in multiple violations over the past year and a half.”

Rubbish! The agreement is solid. The IAEA certified full Iranian compliance eight times, most recently days earlier. Trump’s claim of Iranian noncompliance is false. Its enrichment activities strictly observe JCPOA guidelines.

Haley is a despicable character, a geopolitical know-nothing, a Zionist zealot, a war-monger, a likely Rex Tillerson successor, according to insider reports.

The prospect should terrify everyone.

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