Trump’s Deplorable 9/11 Address

Trump’s Deplorable 9/11 Address

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

9/11 was state-sponsored terrorism. The official account of what happened suppressed truth-telling.

Honoring American victims ignores reality. Trump was silent about US-inflicted horrors following that fateful day, endless wars of aggression against nations threatening no one, millions of casualties, human misery and chaos ongoing.

Carnage continues endlessly, prospects for world peace nil, new countries on America’s target list. Which one will be terror-bombed next?

Trump: “Today, our entire nation grieves with you and with every family of those 2,977 innocent souls who were murdered by terrorists 16 years ago.”

Fact: Terrorists “R” us, he failed to explain.

Trump: “(W)e can honor (lost American lives) by pledging our resolve to do whatever we must to keep our people safe.”

Fact: Endless US wars of aggression, police state laws, and force-fed austerity harming the nation’s poor and vulnerable most made America unsafe and unfit to live in.

Trump: “On that day, not only did the world change, but we all changed. Our eyes were opened to the depths of the evil we face. But in that hour of darkness, we also came together with renewed purpose.”

Fact: “On that day,” Washington declared war on humanity at home and abroad. It continues without letup. Fascist tyranny defines US policy, heading toward becoming full-blown.

Trump: “(T)he Pentagon has stood as a global symbol of American might. Not only because of the great power contained within these halls, but because of the incredible character of the people who fill them. They secure our freedom, they defend our flag, and they support our courageous troops all around the world.”

Fact: The Pentagon is an instrument of lawless aggression, mass slaughter and destruction wherever its forces show up.

It’s destroying fundamental freedoms, not protecting them.

Trump: “The terrorists who attacked us thought they could incite fear and weaken our spirit.”

Fact: The “terrorists” were and remain state-sponsored, using a second Pearl Harbor as pretext to ravage and destroy one country after another – risking new wars perhaps with nuclear weapons, a doomsday scenario if detonated in enough numbers.

The “barbaric forces of evil and destruction” Trump cited reside in Washington and capitals of allied rogue states.

Trump: “The flag binds us all together as Americans who cherish our values and protect our way of life. The flag that reminds us today of who we are, what we stand for, and why we fight.”

Fact: The stars and stripes symbolize America’s pure evil, waging permanent war on humanity for unchallenged global dominance – the horrendous human toll of no consequence to US policymakers.

Trump: “Our values will endure. Our people will thrive. Our nation will prevail. And the memory of our loved ones will never, ever die.”

Fact: US “values” cause appalling suffering and misery to countless millions of people worldwide.

They thirdworldized America, heading toward making the nation a ruler/serf society – permanently at war to transform other countries the same way.

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