Is Jeremy Corbyn UK Prime Minister-in-Waiting?

Is Jeremy Corbyn UK Prime Minister-in-Waiting?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Addressing Labor Party Members on Wednesday, Corbyn said “(w)e are now the political mainstream…on the threshold of power,” Britain’s “government-in-waiting.”

Party members said he “stopped the Tories in their tracks” in last June’s snap election. Theresa May’s strategy backfired. Instead of solidifying her Tory-led government, she weakened it, boosting Corbyn’s future chance to succeed her as prime minister.

On Wednesday, he mocked the hostile coverage of his campaign, saying “(n)ever have so many trees died in vain.”

Admitting still broader support is needed for him to become PM, he’s gone from fighting for survival to achieving significant popular support.

In contrast, May is forced to fend off challenges to her leadership, a battle she may lose. Her strategy to hold power includes claiming Britain, with her as PM, is playing a vital role in European leadership in the face of “terrorism…cyber-crime, illegal immigration (and good-old-reliable) Russian aggression,” a surefire winning canard to cite.

“Now more than ever it is in all our interests to confront them together,” she said, adding Britain’s “role in Europe’s defense has never been more vital.”

“We will continue to work with our NATO allies, our European neighbors and the EU to support a future partnership of unprecedented breadth and depth, that will guarantee the security and stability of the continent for generations to come.”

Fact: Cybercrime is always an issue, governments at most only able to partly contain what can’t be stopped.

Fact: US-led/UK-supported imperial wars in multiple theaters bear full responsibility for the severest refugee crisis since WW II. The only way to resolve it by ending them, not forthcoming as Washington wants them waged forever.

Fact: America, Britain and other NATO countries support the scourge of terrorism they claim to oppose.

Fact: No “Russian aggression” exists, none in Ukraine, Syria or anywhere else – Britain guilty of this highest of high crimes by partnering with US aggression in multiple theaters.

Corbyn is a longtime champion of progressive politics. He wants humanity saved from the scourge of endless wars, urges challenging US-dominated NATO, backs nuclear disarmament, advocates social justice, and supports progressive movements in Latin America, notably in Venezuela.

His social justice manifesto calls for an economy working for everyone, not just privileged Brits like now.

It advocates improved worker rights, a national education service, social security for pensioners, dignity for Brits unable to work, secure homes, help for the homeless, healthcare for all the way it used to be, safer communities, real democracy, equity for everyone, and more.

Now he’s going further, expected to call for nationalizing Britain’s energy industry, its railways and royal mail service, along with abolishing higher education tuition fees, bolstering the National Health Service, devoting greater attention to affordable housing, increasing childcare financing, reviewing the Tories’ cheap credit policy, and scrapping the unpopular bedroom tax.

He supports a sweeping transformation of how Britain is now governed, ill-serving ordinary people, benefitting privileged ones alone, stressing “peace, universal rights and international law” – unacceptable notions for hard-right politicians in Britain, America and elsewhere.

Corbyn has to convince Labor party members to endorse his ideas, compromise likely before a final plan is adopted.

Britain’s next election is scheduled for May 5, 2022, a long way off unless another snap one is called – requiring a two-thirds majority of House of Commons members, a vote of no confidence in May’s government, or other exceptional circumstances.

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