Twitter Finds No Evidence of Mischievous Russian Accounts

Twitter Finds No Evidence of Mischievous Russian Accounts

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Facebook explained US presidential campaigns spent hundreds of millions of dollars online in political advertising “1000x more than any problematic ads we’ve found” – admitting virtually no evidence of Russian use of the site for improper meddling.

Following Twitter vice president Colin Crowell’s closed-door Thursday testimony before House and Senate Intelligence Committee members, the company explained what amounted to the same thing, saying:

“We have not found accounts associated with this activity to have obvious Russian origin but some of the accounts appear to have been automated.”

Asked to examine 450 accounts Facebook flagged as fake, no evidence connecting them to Russia was found, just groundless suspicions.

Twitter found and suspended 22 suspicious accounts – once again, nothing connecting them to Russia.

Another 179 were suspended for terms of service violations – none of the 201 accounts registered as advertisers.

Twitter found over 3.2 million automated accounts, providing no evidence of any connected to the Kremlin.

RT, RT America and RT en Espanol spent $274,100 for 1,823 US ads. Editor-in-chief Margarita Simoyan explained the obvious.

Paid advertising is standard practice in America, other Western countries, and most everywhere else. “Even CNN ran our commercials,” Simoyan added.

So there you have it, another blank on claimed Russian US election hacking. After months of accusations beginning last year, not a shred of evidence supports them.

The conclusion is clear – indisputable. No Russia US meddling occurred. Persistent claims otherwise are spurious.

They’ll continue any way, part of disgraceful Russia bashing, media scoundrels colluding with America’s intelligence community, mainly the CIA, responsible under John Brennan for concocting the phony accusation, presenting no evidence supporting it because none exists.

Following Twitter’s congressional testimony, neocon Senator Mark Warner was furious, calling its “response…frankly inadequate on almost every level,” adding “(t)here is a lot more work they have to do.”

Neocon Rep. Adam Schiff called for Twitter “to do more to understand the depth and breadth of Russian activity during the campaign” – despite no evidence of Kremlin meddling, just spurious claims.

House and Senate witch-hunt investigations continue. Facebook, Twitter and Google officials were asked to give further testimony next month to House Intelligence Committee members and to its Senate counterpart committee in November.

A Final Comment

Here’s how the neocon CIA-connected Washington Post reported what’s covered above – revealing no Russian attempt to influence last year’s presidential election through Facebook, Twitter, or any other way, WaPo saying the opposite as follow:

“Twitter said Thursday that it had shut down 201 accounts that were tied to the same Russian operatives who posted thousands of political ads on Facebook.”

Like the deplorable NYT, WaPo’s credibility is zero.

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