America: A Cesspool of Criminality, Inequity and Injustice

America: A Cesspool of Criminality, Inequity and Injustice

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

America is a plutocracy, not a democracy, designed by its founders to serve privilege, not all its citizens equitably – things far worse today than earlier years.

The nation is run by sinister dark forces, a one-party state with two right wings serving them, Republicans and undemocratic Dems alike on vital issues mattering most, especially permanent wars, corporate empowerment, and police state enforcement.

Administration and congressional leadership is co-opted, democracy nonexistent, a convenient fiction pretending otherwise.

The equivalent of a Wall Street crowd founded the country. Monied interests controlled it from inception, the Constitution structurally flawed, the Bill of Rights adopted four years later for privileged Americans, no one else. “We the people” means them, not us.

The law of the land is consistently ignored when conflicting with the agenda of its ruling class. Presidents go their own way, notably discarding peace for perpetual war, Trump the latest in a long line of warrior leaders.

Michael Parenti explained the nation’s framers designed a system to “resist the pressure of popular tides,” protecting “a rising bourgeoisie(’s)” freedom to “invest, speculate, trade, and accumulate wealth” virtually unhindered, no matter the harm to others in the process.

Societies are judged by their freedom from poverty, racism, sexism, exploitation, imperialism, environmental devastation, commitment to social justice, and respect for the sovereign rights of all nations. America fails dismally on all counts.

It’s ruling privileged class alone matters, wealth disproportionately given them, the bottom half of US households impoverished or bordering it, the American dream a mirage. George Carlin once said you have to be asleep to believe it.

Among all developed nations, inequality in America is the most extreme. Most people remain in the class they were born into. A land of opportunity for everyone is baloney – notably now with most former high-wage, good-benefits manufacturing and service jobs offshored to low wage countries.

They’re gone, not coming back, Trump deceptive and delusional claiming otherwise. No egalitarian democratic society exists. Plutocratic governance controlled by oligarchs decide policymaking, serving their interests alone.

Americans can have anything they want – based on the ability to pay. The nation’s resources are heavily oriented to militarism, warmaking and socialism for the rich and powerful – law of the jungle free market capitalism for everyone else.

Michael Harrington wrote about “The Other America” half a century ago. It aroused Jack Kennedy’s concern in ways unimaginable today, both major parties disdainful of social justice.

America’s gulag is the world’s largest, operating at home and abroad. Over 60% of Black males without high school degrees have prison records, in countless cases reflecting gross injustice.

Abusing African Americans went from chattel to wage slavery, from Jim Crow to its modern-day equivalent, from freedom to mass incarceration.

Powerful bankers run the nation and world, controlling money, entrapping countries and people in debt, the income tax instituted in 1913 with the Fed’s creation to make the public pay interest to them on America’s debt.

No men or women of the people vie for the nation’s leadership – in the White House, Congress or the courts, only aspirants beholden exclusively to privileged interests, no one else.

Franklin Roosevelt was a patrician, his New Deal a way to save capitalism from the same fate as czarist Russia – during the Great Depression.

An unreported Main Street one exists today, nearly a fourth of working-age Americans unemployed, most others way underemployed.

Most workers struggle to get by on part-time or temp jobs paying poverty wages – one missed paycheck from homelessness, hunger and deprivation, an uncaring nation doing nothing to help, pretending prosperity exists.

Higher education graduates can’t find employment in their chosen fields, forced to settle for anything providing income, many too-debt-entrapped from student loans to service them, their working lives dismal with little chance for improvement at their outset.

Paul Craig Roberts bluntly states “(t)he American people are entering a world of slavery more severe than anything that previously existed.”

“Without jobs, dependent on their masters for trickle-down benefits that are always subject to being cut, and without voice or representation, Americans, except for the One Percent, are becoming the most enslaved people in history.”

“As an economist I cannot identify in history any economy whose affairs have been so badly managed and prospects so severely damaged as the economy of the United States of America.”

It’s the first country in history “to reverse the development process and to go backward by giving up industry, manufacturing, and tradable professional skill jobs.”

It’s been thirdworldized to benefit its privileged class, transformed to resemble Guatemala, at war with humanity at home and abroad.

Among all developed nations, America is the most inequitable. Its rage for unchallenged global dominance makes it by far the most dangerous.

Humanity holds its breath wondering what it’s up to next.

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