Shinzo Abe: US Controlled Puppet Prime Minister

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September 18, 2017
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September 18, 2017

Shinzo Abe: Japan’s US Controlled Puppet Prime Minister

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Japan remains occupied US territory 72 years after WW II ended.

Around 50,000 US forces operate on dozens of military bases, about half on Okinawa, the country’s Puerto Rico, its poorest prefecture, dominated by America’s presence under conditions no responsible government would tolerate.

A US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) stipulates terms under which American forces remain and operate.

The late Chalmers Johnson called SOFAs a modern-day version of 19th century China’s “extraterritoriality,” denying host countries jurisdiction over US military and civilian personnel.

America’s military presence usurps, distorts and subverts local authority, preventing host countries from enforcing their laws against crimes committed by US personnel, unacceptable noise, pollution, environmental contamination, and use of valued public land.

Japan is a US vassal state. Nonexistent North Korean and Chinese threats are used as pretexts for permitting America’s disruptive military presence.

In its Monday edition, the New York Times gave PM Shinzo Abe op-ed space to lie and deceive, falsely claiming “an unprecedented, grave and imminent threat from North Korea.”

America’s hostile presence is the only regional threat, shamefully permitted by Japan, South Korea and other regional countries.

Abe: “Pyongyang has shown its reach now extends to the United States and Europe. North Korea’s actions are an outright challenge to the international community.”

False! No evidence shows DPRK ballistic missiles can strike the US mainland, Alaska or Hawaii. Its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are solely for self-defense, fearing possible US aggression, challenging no one.

Abe: “Here in northeast Asia, the North Korean threat has been real for more than a quarter-century. We face the threat of missiles – short and medium range – together with the possibility of chemical weapons attacks.”

Abe disgracefully lied. No DPRK threat exists now or earlier, none to any other country throughout its post-WW II history.

Abe: “(D)iplomacy and emphasizing the importance of dialogue will not work with North Korea. History shows that concerted pressure by the entire international community is essential.”

Fact: Diplomacy is the only viable option. Sanctions and other pressure encourage development of its powerful weapons – to protect the nation from feared US aggression.

Abe falsely claimed earlier US, Japanese and South Korean diplomacy with Pyongyang failed. Washington reneged on its promises, not the DPRK.

Abe lied calling dialogue with North Korea “a dead end,” turning truth on its head adding “Pyongyang would see more talks as proof that other countries succumbed to the success of its missile launches and nuclear tests. Now is the time to exert the utmost pressure on the North. There should be no more delays.”

“I firmly support the United States position that all options are on the table.” Is Abe agreeable to US preemptive war on North Korea?

His own country was destroyed by America in WW II, its sovereignty lost, becoming a virtual US colony.

Abe is a right-wing militarist, at odds with his own people. If Washington attacks North Korea, Japanese territory is threatened.

The way to defuse regional tensions is polar opposite what he proposed.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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