The NYT’s Anti-Russia Jihad

The NYT’s Anti-Russia Jihad

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times goes out of its way to bash Russia, inventing reasons to vilify its government, shaming how deplorably Washington operates.

Times editors, columnists and contributors turn a blind eye to US imperial high crimes, bipartisan governance serving privileged interests exclusively and corporate predation.

Its reporting at times makes conventional yellow journalism look good by comparison. Relentless Russia bashing is Times reporting at its worst.

It turned truth on its head, headlining “Russia harvest(s) American rage to reshape US politics,” claiming a “shadowy Russian company…carried out propaganda campaigns for the Kremlin, and which is now believed to be at the center of a far-reaching Russian program to influence the 2016 presidential election.”

Fact: No Kremlin-linked “shadowy Russian company” exists, no Russian interference in last year’s election, no Times evidence indicating otherwise.

Fact: The Times made the whole thing up, its standard procedure in reporting about Russia.

Fact: Examples it gave have nothing to do with the Kremlin. It’s an easy target to bash for virtually everything – disinformation rubbish substituting for hard facts, absent in Times reports.

The self-styled newspaper of record still seethes over Hillary’s loss to Trump, irresponsibly blaming Russia instead of poor campaigning by the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history, the broadsheet’s favorite.

Its reports are disgraceful propaganda, not news. No Russian campaign was waged earlier or now to help Trump and influence US politics – the stuff Washington engages in against most countries worldwide.

A second Times disinformation piece cited CIA-connected Google, claiming it found evidence of Russian online ads attempting to influence last year’s presidential election.

No such ads exist, no Russian meddling in US politics. The Kremlin had nothing to do with whatever Google found.

The company and The Times claiming otherwise is a bald-faced lie. Bashing Russia persists endlessly in cahoots with bipartisan US hardliners.

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