Inventing a Nonexistent North Korean/Iranian Threat

Inventing a Nonexistent North Korean/Iranian Threat

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Neither country threatens anyone. Throughout its entire history, North Korea never attacked another country. Iran hasn’t done it in centuries.

America and its rogue allies threaten humanity, waging endless wars of aggression. Pyongyang and Tehran are victims of their hostility, endangered by possible preemptive attacks on their countries.

Western media scoundrels have things backwards. The New York Times deplorably called North Korea’s cyberpower “chilling.”

Ignoring US high crimes at home and abroad, it blasted leader Kim Jong-un, irresponsibly calling him “a megalomaniac.” He’s nothing of the kind.

It claimed the country uses an “army of hackers,” including for “digital bank robberies…stealing a secret NSA tool, and “attacks on movie producers and television networks” – providing no evidence backing its claims.

Without it, they’re as baseless as nonexistent Russian US election hacking. Undeterred, the Times equated North Korean cyber capability to “terrorist networks.”

The only bilateral threat between the DPRK and America comes from Washington, not Pyongyang. The Times deplorably pretends otherwise.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post claimed a nonexistent Iranian threat, insulting Syria’s Assad in the same breath.

It disgracefully calling his government “blood-soaked,” ignoring US-led regional aggression, responsible for massacring countless thousands of civilians.

WaPo: “Moscow has managed to draw Syria’s neighbors into its pacification scheme,” referring to agreed on de-escalation zones, hoping to extend them nationwide, an effort to restore peace and stability to the country.

Washington keeps going all-out to prevent it, wanting endless conflict, its ruthless campaign supported by WaPo.

“(T)here is no sign of US intent to arrest the…imminent Iranian threat to Israel in Syria” it blustered.

No Iranian threat exists, not to Israel, other regional countries, or any nations anywhere. The US/Israeli axis threatens everyone, what WaPo won’t ever explain.

WaPo: “A failure by the United States to defend its allies or promote new political arrangements for (Syria and Iraq) will lead only to more war, the rise of new terrorist threats and, ultimately, the necessity of more US intervention.

The only terrorist threats are US-created ones. Washington invents pretexts for waging wars of aggression. Its outlaw history speaks for itself.

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