Catalonia’s Cecot Employer’s Association Supports Regional Institutions

Catalonia’s Cecot Employer’s Association Supports Regional Institutions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Its president Antoni Abad called for finding solutions to current crisis conditions through dialogue.

Accusing Madrid of failing to explore solutions, he stressed the Catalan business world supports Catalonia’s institutions, saying “political conflicts can only be solved politically.”

“Otherwise, it would be recklessness. The foundations of the system fail, and the most basic resource of a democracy is dialogue.”

During a time of uncertainty, he urged calm. Abad spoke at a business association event. Catalan President Puigdemont and regional parliament Speaker Carme Forcadell i Lluis attended.

They received a standing ovation, a clear show of support. Puigdemont addressed the group, saying “Catalonia will win,” stressing his willingness for dialogue, adding “it’s never to late.”

Separately, Madrid justice minister Rafeal Catala warned Catalan parliamentarians, saying they’ll be held responsible for voting in favor of independence.

“Having a say is not criminal, but approving or adopting agreements has a legal meaning and can lead to consequences,” he warned.

Madrid control over Catalonia will be enforced no matter how regional parliamentarians vote on Thursday, he said.

Puigdemont must “explicitly” say he’ll abide by Madrid authority or face the consequences.

Pro-independence parliamentarians insist they have an overwhelming mandate to defy Madrid’s attempt to impose direct rule, illegitimately wanting local autonomy undermined.

They stressed they’ll fight “tooth and nail to defend Catalonia’s democratically elected institutions.”

Spokesman Jordi Turull said decisions will be made when parliament meets on Thursday. “Doing nothing doesn’t figure in our plans.”

He rejected demands for snap elections to install Madrid-selected MPs, replacing democratically elected ones.

Over the weekend, half a million Catalans took to the streets supporting their government. Mossos d’Esquadra police spokesman for its pro-independence ranks, Albert Donaire, urged parliamentarians to declare a republic before Madrid’s Senate meets on Friday, certain to impose Spanish control over the region.

On Thursday, Universities for the Republic students intend mass street demonstrations, calling for the release of pro-independence activists Jordi Sanchez and Jordi Cuixart.

Forcadell i Lluis said Catalonia’s government won’t take “a step back” in pursuing independence,” adding it’s ready to defend its sovereignty “now more than ever.”

According to the Catalan Parliament’s Board of Spokespeople, MPs will meet Thursday to discuss the following:

— the current situation and background,

— the offer of dialogue and mediation as a conflict resolution tool,

— impact and effects of the current situation in Catalonia on the international community,

— evaluation and effects of the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, and

— proposals and actions of the Catalan government and its parliament, facing imposition of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

Head of the group Lluis Corominas declined to be more specific than the above, including whether MPs will vote on a formal declaration of independence.

“It should be the parliament, where sovereignty lies, which decides what the response should be, and if it has to include a resolution,” he made clear – calling imposition of Madrid control over Catalonia “institutional violence.”

If Madrid MPs invoke Article 155, they’ll deepen crisis conditions, he stressed.

The only responsible option is for Catalan MPs to formally declare independence when they meet Thursday. Anything less is surrender to fascist Madrid control.

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