Snowden Reveals US/Saudi Collusion Against Syria

Snowden Reveals US/Saudi Collusion Against Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

I’ve written numerous articles on US collusion with NATO, the Saudis, Turkey, Israel and other regional rogue states to replace Syria’s Assad with pro-Western puppet rule.

Naked aggression using heavily armed terrorist foot soldiers, supported by US-led terror-bombing was and continues to be the strategy used – a failed one after Russia intervened in September 2015, responding to Assad’s request for help.

Snowden revealed what he had access to – a top secret NSA document with damning evidence of an Obama administration scheme.

It covered events outside Damascus in March 2013. Government and allied forces were taking a beating at the time.

Large parts of the country were lost to ISIS, al-Nusra and other US-supported terrorists, the nation’s sovereignty at risk of being lost – before Russia’s intervention changed the dynamic on the ground, one of history’s great chapters, turning the tide of battle in Syria’s favor.

The top secret NSA document said the following:


(TS//S1//NF) S2E332 issued three single source reports in
March 2013 on Syrian opposition attacks against Damascus:

– Reports gave US three days warning about 18 March 2013
attacks (2 year anniversary of revolution)

– Saudi Prince Salman bin Sultan directed opposition to ‘light
up Damascus’ and ‘flatten’ airport

– Saudis sent 120 tons of explosives/weapons to opposition

– Attacks against airport, Presidential palace and other locations occurred on 18 March

– Saudis ‘very pleased’ with outcome

– PRISM providing almost all collection on opposition plans
and operations


PRISM refers to NSA’s secret program for collecting Internet communications from at least nine complicit firms, including Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL and Apple – collecting and storing the information.

Internet users have no idea the NSA is invading their privacy, the biggest of America’s Big Brother spy agencies, monitoring online communications of countless millions of unsuspecting people domestically and abroad.

Material collected is shared with the FBI, CIA and other US intelligence agencies – America turned into a total surveillance society, a police state infringing on the rights of its citizens, spying on allied foreign leaders and officials, operating extrajudicially.

US-supported Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists were responsible for the March 18, 2013 attacks. Conditions today are far different from then – government forces liberating cities, towns and villages, US-supported terrorists on the back foot.

Russian airpower was the defining difference. It remains key to eventually liberating Syria entirely from the scourge of US-supported terrorists, along with America’s destructive presence in the country.

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