Israel Postpones Vote on Annexing Illegal Settlements

Israel Postpones Vote on Annexing Illegal Settlements

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israel’s goal is maximum Jews and minimum Arabs – illegal settlements, ethnic cleansing and ruthless persecution of Palestinians its longstanding strategy.

Netanyahu and likeminded Knesset extremists want illegal settlements around Jerusalem annexed, made official Israeli territory, preventing stolen Palestinian land from becoming part of their long sought independent state.

Pending Knesset legislation calls for annexation, certain to become law if voted on.

In early October, Netanyahu said “I support this law of Greater Jerusalem, which will enable Jerusalem and its communities to develop in many aspects. This is a great and important news.”

Settlements “will always be part of Israel.” The measure he and most other Knesset members support will extend Jerusalem’s boundaries if enacted into law.

In July 1980, Israel’s Knesset passed the Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel. It’s recognized by the world community as an international city, not Israel’s self-declared capital.

Greater Jerusalem legislation seeks to make the area’s demographic balance more Jewish, decreasing the possibility of East Jerusalem becoming Palestine’s official capital.

Greater Jerusalem legislation would create separate municipalities for around 100,000 Israeli Arab city residents, located on the other side of the Separation Wall – a no man’s land, depriving them of municipal services afforded Jews.

Last month, Netanyahu vowed they’ll be no uprooting of Israeli settlements, expanding them on stolen Palestinian land to continue.

A Ministerial Committee for Legislation scheduled Sunday vote on Greater Jerusalem legislation was postponed.

The scheme was to expedite Knesset passage. According to an unnamed Israeli official, more “diplomatic preparation” is needed – code language for getting a Trump administration OK.

During a Sunday cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said his administration inquired about the measure, wanting more information on it.

Annexation was pending since last year, slowed by intervening events. The unnamed Israeli official said “(t)he current version of the… bill invites international pressure and involves difficult legal issues. Netanyahu cannot allow himself to advance this version at this time.”

Likudnik transportation and intelligence affairs minister Yisrael Katz called for the voting process to begin, saying:

“This is a historic bill that would safeguard the Jewish majority in the capital and would strengthen our hold on the city.”

“The bill doesn’t deal with diplomatic issues and its importance is certainly greater than any electoral political considerations of one party or another, and therefore there is no reason to delay” voting, adding:

“Guaranteeing the Jewish majority in Jerusalem is a historic mission and we should all work together to fulfill it.”

Peace Now called the measure “reckless. If passed, (it) will constitute a de-facto annexation and a clear step towards a de-jure annexation. We cannot let this bill become law!”

Passage “will condemn Israelis and Palestinians to perpetual conflict and bloodshed.”

The so-called peace process will become more of a sham than already.

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