Madrid’s Fascist Boot Stomps on Catalonia

Madrid’s Fascist Boot Stomps on Catalonia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Fascist police states give no quarter, using force and other underhanded tactics to assert their will – the way Washington, Spain and other Western governments operate.

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy revealed his regime’s ugly face by appalling referendum day police state violence – failing to deter over a 90% majority of Catalans voting for independence, their fundamental right under international law.

Madrid’s police state tactics continued by imposing its will on Catalonia, suspending its autonomy, calling snap December 21 elections, intending to install pro-Spanish puppet rule, removing the new republic’s president, vice president, ministers and other officials from office – illegally.

Catalan civil servants were threatened with sacking if they fail to support police state rule. Widespread resistance appears likely, whether sustained and able to make a difference is unknown.

On Friday, Spain’s chief prosecutor said Catalan President Puigdemont will be charged with sedition, facing up to 30 years imprisonment if convicted.

Other members of his government may be charged with this and/or other crimes, viciousness not seen since Francisco Franco’s military dictatorship.

Under Rajoy, it’s a political one, fundamentally opposing democratic rights, trashing judicial fairness, intending a reign of terror on pro-independence officials and activists.

Regime attorney general’s office said “all of those who have participated in (pro-independence) events” will be charged and prosecuted – individuals directly involved and “cooperators” – an open-ended threat against potentially hundreds or thousands of Catalan officials and activists.

Ousted Catalan officials promised to show up for work Monday, a source close to Puigdemont calling it “a working day” for the administration.

On Sunday, Vice President Oriol Junqueras said “(t)he president of the country is and will continue to be Carles Puigdemont.”

He warned that pro-independence officials must now take “decisions that will be difficult to understand.”

If they participate in the December snap election, they could be accused of surrendering to Madrid authority. If not, they could be called cowards.

Catalan official Josep Rull issued a public video statement, saying his “intention on Monday is to come here, not as a councillor of the Catalan regional government, but as a minister of the new Catalan republic.”

On Sunday, an estimated 300,000-strong anti-independence march was staged in Barcelona – far-right elements involved, maybe imported from outside the region.

Violence occurred. Video footage showed an online El Nacional journalist attacked. Catalan public broadcasting and local television reporters were challenged and intimidated.

Chants of “Love live Franco” were heard. Catalan Mossos d’Esquadra (police) were insulted. Taxi drivers and others were assaulted.

Hoodlums may have been enlisted by Madrid to cause trouble, maybe a sample of more to come.

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