Latest New York Times Editorial Board Ravings

Latest New York Times Editorial Board Ravings

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Its members disgrace themselves with disturbing regularity, their latest today, praising special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt investigation.

After months of time and money wasted, the best he could do was levy charges related to lobbying for Ukraine and lying to the FBI – unrelated to Trump and Russia, nothing proving or suggesting complicity between them to harm Hillary.

No evidence will surface no matter how long investigations continue – not by Mueller or House and Senate committees.

The whole ugly business is a deplorable disinformation campaign to denigrate Trump for the wrong reasons and vilify Russia, especially Vladimir Putin.

He was falsely accused by Washington’s intelligence community of ordering an influence campaign against Hillary – no evidence presented proving it because none exists.

Claims about Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election are spurious – the NYT one of the leading proliferators with outrageous remarks like the following:

“…Russia(’s) government assaulted American sovereignty in 2016 in an effort to get Mr. Trump elected.”


The Times: “These days, the most serious attacks on American governance are coming not from abroad, but from Mr. Trump’s aides and his allies in the right-wing media and Congress.”

The Times downplayed the Clinton Foundation 2010 uranium deal with Russia when Hillary was secretary of state – using her public position for self-enrichment.

The controversial uranium deal involved Canadian company Uranium One, a majority-owned Rosatom subsidiary, Russia’s atomic energy agency.

Shortly after the deal was announced, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 from a Russian investment bank for a Moscow speech.

Under US law, uranium is a strategic asset. Any deals involving it must be approved by seven US cabinet members, including the secretaries of state and treasury.

Judicial Watch (JW) FOIA litigation revealed “over 200 conflicts-of-interest rulings that led to $48 million for the Clintons during (Hillary’s) tenure as secretary of state.”

According to JD president Tom Fitton, the “cash and secrecy on this Russian uranium deal (alone) looks corrupt and criminal.”

Months of FBI investigations into the matter whitewashed what happened, absolving Hillary of wrongdoing, instead of recommending racketeering charges against her.

The Times called the matter “irrelevant,” adding “efforts at obfuscation and misdirection would be laughable, but they are linked to a very real and dangerous move by Trump allies throughout right-wing media and the government to shut down the Russia investigation for good.”

It never should have been initiated by Congress or Mueller because no Russian meddling in America’s political process occurred.

Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Lack of corroborating evidence proves it – baseless accusations alone, proliferated by media scoundrels like the Times, a lead offender.

It called ending Mueller’s (witch-hunt) work “loony,” adding “Americans have known for a long time (that) Trump is presenting a profound danger to security of the nation and the stability of the world order.”

Washington’s debauched bipartisan system bears full responsibility for that accusation, Trump a mere front man, taking orders from a higher power.

Mueller is part of the dirty system, earlier as FBI head, now as special counsel, subverting the rule of law in both capacities.

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