ISIS Deir Ezzor Stronghold Fully Liberated

ISIS Deir Ezzor Stronghold Fully Liberated

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to a Syrian military source, “(u)nits of the Syrian Arab Army, in cooperation with the allied and supporting forces, have accomplished the mission of fully liberating Deir Ezzor city from the (US-supported) ISIS terrorist organization.”

It’s an important triumph. Large numbers of their forces and commanders were killed, many of their weapons and munitions destroyed, remaining stockpiles seized.

Syria’s General Command said eliminating ISIS from Deir Ezzor “constitutes the final stage” of their total elimination in the country.

Pockets of its resistance are now “isolated and encircled in the eastern countryside of the city.”

Operations will continue against ISIS and all other terrorists “until restoring security and stability to the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic” is achieved.

Mine-clearing and removal of other unexploded ordnance began. Weeks of fighting resulted in victory.

Many battles remain to be fought, Washington the most significant obstacle to liberation nationwide. As long as its forces occupy any parts of Syrian territory, conflict will continue – including its ruthless terror-bombing, massacring civilians, destroying vital infrastructure.

Routing ISIS from Deir Ezzor is an important step toward eliminating its scourge in Syria altogether. US-supported al-Nusra remains a formidable force to contend with.


RT’s Murad Gazdiev interviewed liberated Deir Ezzor residents before final triumph was achieved. Horrors they endured for years were explained.

One woman said “(w)e fed our children with stale bread, cleaning the mold from it. We have long suffered from artillery strikes and shells. They usually hit civilians, children and women in particular.”

“We walked the roads in fear, expecting any moment that a shell might hit us and we would die,” another woman explained.

“We’ve been under constant stress and disturbance. We thought only about death. There was no food, no medicine, no electricity and no water. We’ve been dead already.”

Still another woman said her emaciated body is from anemia, infections marring her face.

“I’ve seen death with my own eyes. I swear by Allah, I’ve seen death. This is not life. We ate tree bark. And butter was not butter at all. We have seen death. There was no clean water, nothing,” she added.

Under ISIS, nearly all vital services were lost. “A nurse in the hospital could not give me a dropper,” a local man explained. “There are dead people in the hospital on the floor, killed in shelling.” The city was blockaded. ISIS “did not even allow a single wheat grain to slip in there.”

Western media largely ignore the suffering of US imperial victims. Western nations and UN authorities supply no humanitarian aid, Russia alone among major powers providing it.

Its Defense Ministry published a list of areas most in need, regularly updated to stay current.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu called on UN authorities and humanitarian organizations to actively participate in helping Syrians restore their lives in liberated areas, including by supplying vitally needed aid.

Syria’s liberating struggle continues. It’s got a long way to go.

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