Theresa May’s Anti-Russia Rant

Theresa May’s Anti-Russia Rant

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Addressing a Monday lord mayor’s banquet, May shamefully bashed Russia viciously, falsely accusing the Kremlin of “weaponiz(ing) information,” saying it’s “threatening the international order on which we all depend.”

She provided no evidence backing her claims because there is none, adding:

“I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

“Because you underestimate the resilience of our democracies (sic), the enduring attraction of free and open societies, and the commitment of western nations to the alliances that bind us.”

“The UK will do what is necessary to protect ourselves, and work with our allies to do likewise.”

What’s going on? Britain partners with Washington’s imperial agenda. It’s allied with its wars of aggression and anti-Russia propaganda.

May is in trouble politically, her tenure as prime minister faltering. Reportedly, 40 Tory MPs prepared a letter of no confidence in her leadership, calling for her to step down – eight short of the number needed to trigger a contest to replace her.

Last summer, 15 party MPs opposed her, the number nearly threefold now, perhaps reaching or exceeding the 48-number threshold by yearend or early next year.

When in trouble, change the subject. Focus attention elsewhere, apparently May’s strategy, a likely futile one given growing Tory and public opposition against her leadership.

She’s a notorious Russophobe, earlier falsely accusing the Kremlin of “aggression” in Ukraine, along with threatening the Baltic states and Poland, calling for NATO to challenge the (nonexistent) threat.

Anti-Russia sentiment in America is longstanding, notably during most of the Cold War, especially since Putin’s election as president – because he opposes US-led Western imperialism and aggressive wars.

May’s assault on Moscow reflects a desperate attempt to retain power, besides acting as Washington’s surrogate, partnering in its anti-Russia campaign, venomous disinformation allegations, a huge danger to world peace and stability.

Urging Western countries to unite against Russia escalates tensions more than already.

Saying “we will take the necessary actions to counter Russian activity” comes ominously close to a call to arms – recklessness often preceding conflicts.

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