More Classified Hillary Emails Released

More Classified Hillary Emails Revealed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Judicial Watch (JW) revealed new classified Hillary pay-to-pay emails, more evidence of her corrupt State Department practices, criminality gone unpunished.

Emails released from her private server included classified material. A 2011 exchange with Sid Blumenthal discussed “serious trouble for the Libyan rebels,’ “ said JW.

It urged anti-Gaddafi leaders “to consider hiring private troops (mercenaries) to support, organize, and train the rebel forces in Libya.”

Blumenthal added: “A small number of private troops could turn the battle against Qaddafi’s forces, particularly if they are equipped with sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons.”

Hillary directed her aide Huma Abedin to “print for me w/o any identifiers.”

Thousands revealed include material she tried to delete or failed to disclose. They’re also available on the State Department web site.

In August 2009, Clinton Foundation donor/CME Group chairman asked Hillary to help set up meetings with Asian leaders.

She responded favorably. The CME Group also paid her $225,000 for a speaking engagement, one of many highly-paid ones with numerous firms, mostly Wall Street banks.

In November 2016, the State Department was ordered to produce no less than 500 pages of records monthly for Judicial Watch – per its FOIA lawsuit.

At the current rate of release, it’ll be at least until 2020 to get what’s judicially ordered.

JW: “These new Clinton emails add to the pile of evidence demonstrating the need for a serious criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and her associates. It is shameful that this State Department is releasing these Clinton emails so slowly.”

“I trust President Trump agrees the State Department and Justice Department need to follow the rule of law and stop covering for Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.”

She remains unindicted for major war crimes, racketeering and perjury. A previous article discussed the possible appointment of a special council to investigate Clinton Foundation shenanigans.

There’s plenty of dirt to reveal overall – notably war crimes, RICO violations and lying to Congress, enough to lock her up longterm.

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