Russia Owns Trump?

Russia Owns Trump?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s hard keeping track of everything Russia is falsely accused of.

Claims include nonexistent aggression in Ukraine, meddling in America’s election, affecting the Brexit vote, the one supporting Catalan independence – plus a whole lot more, none of it credible, all of it made up rubbish.

Russiagate is like global tides, no way to stop them rising. Here’s the latest from the Russophobic New York Times – accusing the Kremlin of owning Trump.

Sound absurd? Indeed so! The Times isn’t deterred, saying before entering the presidential sweepstakes, Trump pursued plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, claiming an individual “with ties to Russian organized crime” was involved, “apparently (as) an intermediary between (him) and Russia.”

Pursuing investments in Russia is entirely legal and proper. Claiming Trump dealt with someone tied to organized crime in the country requires credible proof, along with evidence he knew about it but proceeded anyway.

The Times, other media scoundrels, undemocratic Dems and others in Washington accused him of too much to keep track of, bashing him repeatedly for the wrong reasons, not the most important right ones.

Russiagate is a conspiracy to undermine him, along with longstanding Russia bashing, especially intense since letting Crimea rejoin the country, a legal act, worst of all since Trump took office.

The Times: Americans need “come to terms with substantial evidence that the president is in thrall to a foreign power.”

Claims without credible revelations are groundless. Trump is a businessman, before becoming president “in thrall to” profit-making like all others in business.

It’s their job. If not accomplished successfully they’re replaced by someone more competent. As a former small businessman, I know how things work, the same in big business as small.

Without profits, they can’t operate – even though corporate America and small business are world’s apart.

The Times: “There’s no longer any serious question that there was cooperation between Trump’s campaign and Russia, but the extent of the cooperation, and the precise nature of it, remains opaque.”

False! No evidence exists showing Russia interfered in America’s election – to help Trump or for any other reasons.

Endless accusations otherwise are baseless – blowing smoke, a Times specialty on the nonexistent improper or illegal Russia/Trump connection.

There is none – other than as president having relations with many countries, for good or ill, too much of the latter in America.

A Final Comment

According to Morgan Lewis law firm attorneys Sheri Dillon and William Nelson representing Trump, he has no outstanding debts to Russian persons or entities.

Nor does he have equity investments by Russian persons or entities in Trump-controlled properties, or Trump organization investments in Russian entities.

He had considerable income from the sale of the Miss Universe pageant (in 2013, held in Moscow) and Florida real estate.

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