US Hypocrisy on Human Rights Conditions in Syria

US Hypocrisy on Humanitarian Conditions in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington bears full responsibility for humanitarian crisis conditions in Syria – war launched by Obama, escalated by Trump.

Washington uses ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers, supporting the scourge it pretends to oppose – Western media suppressing what’s essential to report, allied with imperial lawlessness.

US forces illegally occupy northern and southern Syrian territory, a flagrant breach of international law, intending to remain in the country after conflict ends – what Moscow and Damascus strongly oppose.

Resolving this contentious issue won’t be easy. Another one involves US forces closing a 55 km zone around its illegal southern Syria al-Tanf base, isolating 50,000 refugees, preventing vitally needed humanitarian aid from reaching them.

The Rukban refugee camp is held hostage to Washington’s anti-Syria objectives, defenseless refugees paying the price for its ruthlessness.

Last week, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the western bank of the Euphrates River will be liberated from (US-supported) terrorists soon.

Yet US forces intend staying indefinitely after the battle is won – to prevent Syria from regaining control over its own territory. A showdown over this issue lies ahead.

Neither Moscow or Damascus want military confrontation with Washington. Avoiding it won’t be easily achieved.

Deputy US UN envoy Michele Sison will soon become US ambassador to Haiti, its people victimized by longstanding US exploitation and persecution, its government installed by Washington to serve its interests.

On November 29, she commented on the Syrian humanitarian situation during a Security Council session on the country.

Her remarks reflected typical US arrogance, its rank hypocrisy, “warn(ing) about children on their death bed due to severe acute malnutrition and about hundreds of sick people who desperately need to be evacuated for life-saving treatment” in the eastern Ghouta Damascus countryside.

She disgracefully blamed Syria and Russia for what’s going on, including falsely claiming airstrikes by their warplanes killing civilians – a US terror-bombing specialty.

“It’s the latest version of (Assad’s) “starve and surrender” strategy, she roared, adding:

“The objective is not peace, but domination, and the regime doesn’t even try to hide its strategy…Syrians living in eastern Ghouta” and elsewhere get “no food, no medicine, no vaccines.”

All of the above is a disgraceful perversion of truth. Syria wants its country liberated from US-supported terrorists, hostile invaders, along with America’s illegal occupation.

It wants peace and stability restored. Washington wants endless aggressive war. Syria, Russia and Iran alone provide vital humanitarian aid to Syrians in need – nothing from America, nothing from EU countries, virtually nothing from the UN except in US and terrorist occupied areas.

US forces block aid from reaching 50,000 Rukban refugee camp Syrians in need. Its warplanes continue massacring civilians in the country.

Sison turned truth on its head, accusing Damascus and Moscow of high crimes committed by Washington. Imagine what Haitians can expect when she arrives as US ambassador.

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