Another Day, More NYT Russia Bashing

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November 18, 2017
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Another Day, More NYT Russia Bashing

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Times never exhausts ways to bash Russia, using distortion, exaggeration, or its favorite tactic – making stuff up, anything to continue its relentless tirade.

Its latest assault claims deputy Russian Central Bank/Putin ally Alexander Torshin tried arranging a “backdoor” meeting between Russia’s president and Trump last year.

It never happened, but if true, it’s legal and sensible. Virtually all countries would like having contacts with a possible future US president.

Hillary was prominent in Washington as first lady, US, senator, secretary of state and two-time presidential aspirant.

In these capacities, she had contacts with numerous foreign officials. Before elected, Trump had no political background.

Getting to know him earlier and now is the way things work, nothing devious, illegal or improper about it.

Not according to the Times, saying “Mr. Torshin’s request is the latest example of how the Russian government intensified its effort to contact and influence the Trump campaign last year as Mr. Trump was closing in on the Republican presidential nomination.”

It made allegedly trying to arrange a Trump meeting with Putin sound like a sinister plot, customary Times distortion, deception, as well as demonization of Russia and its president.

At every opportunity, it brings up the discredited canard about (nonexistent) Russian US election interference, along with (nonexistent) “disseminat(ion) (of) propaganda and (attempt to) undermine (Hillary’s) candidacy.”

The Times: The alleged involvement of Torshin in trying to arrange a Putin/Trump meeting “shows the direct involvement of a high-ranking Russian official in the Kremlin’s outreach to the campaign.”

It shows nothing more than customary political behavior virtually everywhere, nothing unusual, unseemly, devious or illegal about it – nothing suggesting Russia was trying to interfere in last year’s election.

Given Trump’s vocal support for improved relations with Russia during the campaign, it makes perfect sense for Russian officials to want a meeting between him and Putin.

The Times tried making the idea seem like a subversive act, along with supposed evidence of Russian US election meddling to undermine Hillary.

Nothing of the sort happened, no Russian interference in America’s political process, nothing showing favoritism of one US presidential aspirant over the other – nothing like US meddling in numerous foreign elections, including Russia’s.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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