Does Israel Intend Another War on Gaza?

Does Israel Intend Another War on Gaza?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Is another devastating war in the cards? Three Israel air and ground attacks on Gaza in the past few days could mean something more serious coming.

Each attack followed one or more rockets from the Strip, expressing frustration and anger over Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, an affront to Islam.

They landed harmlessly in open areas, one causing minor damage, too little to matter, no injuries or deaths.

Does Israel want a fourth war on Gaza in the past nine years, more preemptive aggression, goading Palestinians, using their justifiable outrage as a pretext for hostile action?

The Strip remains blockaded and devastated from previous conflicts. Nearly half the population is unemployed, around 70% of women without work, almost two-thirds of young people aged 15 – 29 lacking jobs.

Humanitarian conditions have been dire for years, suffocating blockade continuing since June 2007, no end of it in sight, the world community silent about long-suffering Gazans.

Harmless rockets fired on Israel in the past few days had nothing to do with Hamas. Israel holds Gaza’s ruling authority responsible for these type actions anyway, a pretext to launch attacks.

Three previous preemptive wars suggest another coming, at Israel’s discretion, for any reason or none at all, an accuse to pulverize the Strip more than already, massacring more of its people, causing more vast destruction, knowing it can do what it pleases with impunity – with full US support and encouragement.

In response to Monday’s incident, an IDF statement said “projectiles were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. The IDF hold Hamas responsible for these aggressive acts originating from the Gaza Strip.”

Over the weekend, Israeli terror-bombing killed four Gazans, including fighters of Hamas’ military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

On Sunday, Hamas vowed revenge after calling for a new intifada on Thursday, saying Trump’s Jerusalem affront was a declaration of war.

An Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades statement said “(t)he enemy will pay the price for breaking the rules of engagement with the resistance in Gaza.”

Trump’s declaration escalated tensions. Days of street protests confronted violently by Israeli security forces threaten to continue.

Israel General Yoav Mordechai warned Gazans that more rockets fired at Israel “will lead to a severe and painful response by the Israel Defense Forces. Don’t try to test our strength,” he added.

Did he signal possible war coming? Trump and Netanyahu bear full responsibility for days of violence and turmoil, conspiring against Palestinian rights, agreeing on declaring Jerusalem Israel’s capital – defying international and US constitutional law.

Given US/Israeli rage for dominance by brute force. Anything ahead is possible, Palestinians to pay the price for what happens like always.

Futile peace talks if initiated won’t change a thing. Resistance alone might change the deplorable status quo one day.

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