Russian Cyberattacks on America?

Russian Cyberattacks on America?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Notorious Russophobes Michael Morell and Mike Rogers headlined a neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post anti-Russia hit piece, accusing the Kremlin of “never stopp(ing) its cyberattacks on the United States.”

No evidence suggests any ever occurred. Plenty of evidence indicts Washington for this maliciousness against targeted countries and many other lawless practices, often complicit with Israel.

Morell formerly served as deputy and acting CIA director. Rogers was a House member from 2001 – 2015, its Intelligence Committee chairman from 2010 – 2015.

In public and private life, they’re paid to lie for imperial America, especially about Russia and other US adversaries.

Morell strongly supports use of torture, other abusive tactics, murder by drones, and other atrocities. He and Rogers are war-mongering neocon extremists (M&R below).

M&R: “(D)eterrence…prevented a Soviet invasion of Western Europe during the height of the Cold War.”

Fact: None was intended in the aftermath of WW II or during the height of the Cold War when Krushchev led Soviet Russia and Jack Kennedy was US president. Neither leader wanted war.

M&R: Deterrence “prevented North Korea from invading South Korea in the same time frame. Today, it keeps Iran from starting a hot war in the Middle East or other nations from initiating cyberattacks against our infrastructure.”

Fact: North Korea never attacked another country throughout its post-WW II history, seeking peace and mutual cooperation with all nations, fundamentally opposed to war.

Fact: Iran hasn’t attacked another country in centuries. It seeks a peaceful Middle East free from nuclear weapons, eager for good relations with all nations. It opposes terrorism and doesn’t cyberattack other countries.

Fact: US and Israeli agendas are polar opposite. Regime running both nations threaten world peace. In their public capacities, Morell and Rogers were complicit in US high crimes.

M&R: Washington “failed to establish deterrence in the aftermath of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.”

“We know we failed because Russia continues to aggressively employ the most significant aspect of its 2016 tool kit: the use of social media as a platform to disseminate propaganda designed to weaken our nation.”

Fact: Utter rubbish, bald-faced lies! No Russian interference in America’s election occurred – no use of social media or other tools to target America in any way.

Fact: Moscow seeks world peace, stability and good relations with all nations. America wants other countries bending to its will, war its favored strategy against ones failing to surrender to its demands.

M&R: “Foreign governments, overtly or covertly, should not be allowed to play with our democracy.”

Fact: No democracy exists to “play” with. Washington meddles in the affairs of virtually all other nations. Russia seeks mutual cooperation.

M&R: Moscow used social media “to discredit the FBI…”


M&R: The Kremlin “attack(ed) ABC News for an erroneous report involving President Trump and Michael Flynn…”

Fact: Reporter Brian Ross was suspended after being caught red-handed, maliciously falsifying a report on Flynn, claiming he’d testify that candidate Trump directed him to make contact with Russia.

ABC News had to retract the story as willfully false.

M&R cited other examples of alleged Russian interference in America that never occurred. They both lied.

Russophobic WaPo featured their disinformation and Big Lies, typical of how it operates.

M&R: “Russia’s use of social media as a political weapon will continue, and more countries will follow suit – until deterrence is established.”

M&R’s article included numerous accusations like the above, presenting no evidence supporting them because none exists.

By deterrence, are they advocating naked aggression, maybe nuclear war?

Neocons seeking global dominance intend doing whatever it takes to achieve it, even risking the destruction of planet earth and humanity.

They threaten both.

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