Israel Terror-Bombs Syrian Military Target

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December 2, 2017
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Israel Terror-Bombs Syrian Military Target

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Washington and Israel want endless war and regime change in Syria – overnight Israeli terror-bombing of a Syrian military target a clear step toward escalating conflict, aiming to prevent diplomatic resolution.

According to reports, Israeli warplanes fired air-to-ground missiles from Lebanese airspace. Israel uses it regularly like its own, illegally without Lebanese permission.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), “(t)he army’s air defense at midnight confronted an Israeli attack with ground-to-ground missiles (GGM) on one of the military sites in Damascus countryside.”

“Informed sources told SANA Saturday that the Israeli enemy launched at 12:30 am (local time) a number of GGM against one of the military sites in Damascus countryside, adding that the Syrian air defense intercepted them and destroyed two of them.”

“The Israeli aggression caused material damage to the site, according to the sources.”

Israel “is closely linked to the terrorist organizations in Syria. The army has repeatedly found Israeli weapons inside the terrorists’ hideouts, particularly in Jub al-Jarrah, al-Mayadeen and Khan al-Sheeh areas.”

Reportedly, a Syrian army ammunition depot was struck in the Damascus countryside, southwest of the city.

Claims of an Iranian military base in Syria were fabricated, reported by the BBC weeks earlier, saying Iran’s military “established a compound at a site used by the Syrian army outside El-Kiswah, 14 km (8 miles) south of Damascus,” citing an unnamed “Western intelligence source.”

Days earlier, Israeli defense minister Avigdor Lieberman said “(t)here are no (Iranians) in Syria, contrary to what is being said.”

“Yes, there is a pool of experts, advisers…Iran has not been present in Syria so far and our main goal is to prevent (it) from being present as a real military force.”

Separately, Netanyahu lied claiming Iran’s goal is “using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel.”

The overnight attack came after Syrian and allied forces liberated more areas near Golan from US/Israeli supported terrorists. Territory west of Damascus was cleared.

A US/Israeli-supported terrorist assault on Golan’s Bardaiya Hills was foiled. Maqtoul mountain and Mudawwar hill were captured, al-Nusra terrorists eliminated from the areas.

Other advances were made. Israel likely struck Syria overnight to try slowing its liberating efforts, along with escalating conflict, aiming to prevent resolution.

Separately, Syria’s chief negotiator in Geneva Bashar al-Jaafari condemned a so-called Riyadh-2 communique, demanding Assad’s resignation and exclusion from governing during a transition period.

“As long as the other side sticks to (this demand), there will be no progress” in talks, Jaafari stressed, adding:

“(P)rovocative and irresponsible” Riyadh-2 language “contravenes UN Security Council Resolution 2254,” aiming to undermine conflict resolution.

On Saturday, Syrian delegates left Geneva, undecided on if they’ll return, given the futility of eight rounds of talks over the past five years, several days of current ones accomplishing nothing.

Focus is largely on continuing Astana talks and a Russian sponsored Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi at dates to be announced.

A Final Comment

Perhaps in retaliation for Israel’s overnight terror-bombing attack, Syrian and allied forces launched an offensive against Mount Hermon’s Beij Jinn pocket, controlled by al-Nusra terrorists – around four km from Israeli positions in the area.

The offensive began shortly after Israel’s latest assault on Syrian territory.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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