Netanyahu in Brussels

Israel’s Ultranationalist Defense Minister
December 11, 2017
AIPAC Rapturous Over Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration
December 11, 2017

Netanyahu in Brussels

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Welcoming him shows which side EU leaders are on, their criticism of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration hollow, their relations with Washington and Israel unchanged – indicating no support for Palestinian rights ahead, just dirty business as usual.

Together with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, Netanyahu said “give peace a chance” – something he and Israeli Ziofascists reject.

So does Washington under GOP or undemocratic Dem. control. A state of conflict has existed in historic Palestine since the infamous 1917 Balfour Declaration, notably since 1948, in the occupied territories since 1967.

Today there’s zero chance for resolution because Washington and Israel reject it. Their claims otherwise constitute meaningless posturing.

Mogherini disgracefully called Netanyahu’s visit a historic opportunity, saying “(o)bviously the visit comes in a particular time we believe it is in Israel’s interest to find a sustainable and comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

How when it’s been unattainable for 100 years, less possible now than earlier with Ziofascists running America and Israel, EU countries allied with them.

Mogherini: “We believe that the only realistic solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine is based on two states, with Jerusalem as the capital of both the State of Israel and the State of Palestine, along the ’67 lines.”

Posturing by Mogherini and other EU officials belie their one-sided support for Israel, the way it’s always been, dismissive of Palestinian rights, doing nothing to end their suffering under a brutal occupier.

Mogherini pledging greater EU involvement in the so-called peace process ignored its existence in name only, each time initiated achieving nothing, efforts toward conflict resolution undermined by Washington and Israel.

Netanyahu and other Ziofascists saying Trump’s Jerusalem declaration advances things toward peace is polar opposite reality.

So was his claim about Israel preventing Islamic terrorists from overrunning the region. Israel, America, and their rogue allies support ISIS and likeminded groups.

Conflict raged in Occupied Palestine since last Wednesday. According to the National and Islamic Factions’ Follow-Up Committee, mass demonstrations will be held across Gaza this Friday, against Trump’s Jerusalem declaration – from Rafah bordering Sinai to Beit Hanun up north.

Ziofascist members of the so-called Temple Mount movement called for storming the Al-Aqsa compound and mosque, beginning with Jerusalem rallies at the Al-Asbat gate – to justify unjustifiable Israeli intrusions where they don’t belong.

On Sunday, dozens of extremist settlers, protected by soldiers and police, stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, breaking into the holy site.

According to the Islamic Aqwaf Department, they broke in through the Maghareba Gate, defiling its plazas.

They’ve done it before many times, perhaps more often ahead after Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.

Violence continues in Occupied Palestine. Trump’s declaration ignited a firestorm – defenseless Palestinians paying the price for US/Israeli imperial viciousness.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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