Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen, RT and US Disinformation

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December 10, 2017
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December 10, 2017

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Yemen, RT, and US Disinformation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

At her most recent briefing of reporters, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed the situation in Syria, saying:

“The eighth round of UN-brokered intra-Syrian talks in Geneva” began on November 28, going nowhere so far like earlier rounds.

In disgust after several days of futile talks, Syria’s delegation went home, then agreed to return on Sunday – despite no chance of achieving a breakthrough.

Russian/Iranian and Turkish sponsored Astana talks accomplished significant progress, much work left to be done, Washington involved only in an observer capacity, unable to influence discussions or decisions made.

Syrian and allied forces together with Russian airpower eliminated ISIS from the country, except for scattered pockets of its fighters remaining to be crushed.

Al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra terrorists remain to be defeated, Syrian and allied ground forces steadily liberating areas they held, Russian aerial operations smashing their positions.

Syria’s military seized thousands of ISIS arms and munitions, including “antiaircraft missile launching tubes, heavy tank machine guns and artillery systems. The trophies included US and European-made military equipment,” MZ explained.

The situation in Yemen remains dire – US/Saudi terror-bombing and blockade endangering the lives of millions of Yemenis.

“Moscow is seriously concerned by this negative turn of events. There is a high risk of Yemen sliding into political and military chaos, accompanied by an unprecedented humanitarian disaster,” said MZ, adding:

“We can see no alternative to preventing such scenarios other than by ending the armed confrontation as soon as possible and launching the broadest possible national dialogue under UN auspices, based on mutual respect and consideration for the interests of all political forces in Yemen, in keeping with the fundamental norms of international law.”

Washington and Riyadh want war, not resolution. Protracted conflict in Yemen could continue for years, civilians harmed most, the way they’re vulnerable in all war theaters.

Yemenis are suffering from conflict, related violence, untreated diseases, malnutrition and starvation.

MZ commented on RT America’s unacceptable treatment, Trump’s Justice Department forcing it to register as a foreign agent, then revoking its Capitol Hill credentials.

What’s next – banning its broadcasts in America altogether, banishing Sputnik News the same way?

Among “foreign-financed media outlets working in the United States (including the BBC, Al Jazeera and France 24, among others),” RT alone was forced to register as a foreign agent, said MZ.

“This raises questions about the competence of those who represent US views on the international stage, as well as about the selective application of this law, in particular, against RT,” MZ adding:

“…(A)mendments to the Russian media law are a proportionate response to US actions…(T)hese measures and any other measures that may be taken in this respect in the future will be cancelled as soon as the US restrictions are lifted from RT and the other media outlets against which these restrictions have been applied.”

Foreign Policy magazine is owned by the neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post.

Since its reporter “Amie Ferris-Rotman received accreditation at the Foreign Ministry, she has not once been in touch with the press service on any matter. We have never seen her at briefings or any other meetings,” MZ explained, adding:

She wrote a disinformation article headlined “Donald Trump Has Been Torture for Foreign Correspondents,” making all sorts of irresponsible accusations.

She writes about Russia knowing little or nothing about the country. Disinformation pieces need no facts or reliable sources, invented ones sufficing.

For months after receiving Russian Foreign Ministry accreditation as a Foreign Policy correspondent, “(w)e have looked high and low but have not found any queries” from her.

Foreign correspondents are pleased with accommodation given them in Russia, cooperating with their work, not obstructing it.

When criticisms are receive, efforts are made to correct them. “We will continue to improve (things) further, MZ explained, adding:

“Foreign Policy should be about foreign policy…(A)pparently” Ferris-Rotman disagrees. Some of her articles include the following rubbish:

“The Next Must-See TV Show Is Russia’s Version of ‘The Americans”

“The Bolshevik Revolution Is a Chinese Tourist Trap”

“Putin’s Next Target Is Russia’s Abortion Culture”

“Russians Don’t Understand Why Anyone Is Upset with ‘Girl Crazy’ Weinstein”

Her articles “have absolutely nothing to do with foreign policy,” said MZ.

Western media articles on Russia have absolutely nothing to do with credible reporting, featuring disinformation instead.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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